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There’s No Place Like Home

February 10, 2008
We had a great walk this morning. I even wandered through the woods and hardly used my cane at all. I love my new hip. We were out for one and a half hours. After a little rest, we went to Walmart. I REALLY HATE to do Walmart on Saturday, but there were things that we needed. I was not about to waste time, gas and money going to three different places to get the same thing. I’m too cheap and I need money to spend on my vices like this:

Now, I won’t get to this for several weeks, but I bought it anyway. It would probably not be around when I was ready to make it. I have to make the baby quilt first. Well, I have to make as much as possible before the baby is born. I want to embroider it’s name and date of birth. It’s mainly blue. I think I was thinking of Colette’s grandson, but that’s OK. It’s really cute. I’m sure it will be well received. And just wait until you see what I am making for Colette!

I wish that I had taken my glove things with me to Reisterstown. You know that I didn’t plan to be there that long, but my son needed me around. I haven’t decided on patterns yet. I need to make some swatches. I should email Nancy before I decide, too.  I’ve been thinking about Christine and her husband, too.

And The Winner Is

February 4, 2008
Here is Stacy who happens to own The Fine Needle in Snow Hill, MD, picking the winner. I’ll have to go there sometime. Check out her shoes. They are lime and her socks are pink and purple–my kind of colors.

Nancy!! She wins a pair of hand knit gloves in a yarn of her choice.

I was surprised that it wasn’t Christine. She had the most entries. So I decided that she should get the booby prize. A pair of hand knit mittens in a yarn of her choice. I’ll even throw in an index finger. Please specify right or left.

Here are your choices.

The four in the upper right hand corner is enough for one pair of mittens. I need your size. You could measure everything, scan your hand or draw around your hand. If you want these for a loved one, that’s fine, too.

Knitting Group

January 21, 2008
Barnes and Noble has a knitting group twice a month. I almost didn’t go. It was so cold–wind chill 13 degrees. There weren’t very many people there. I finished knitting my gloves and put a new thumb on an old pair. I picked the wrong yarn, but it was a very close match.

It’s good enough for me.

These gloves were a lot of fun to make. I still have most of a ball left for a scarf. Also, it’s a good way to know keep track the yarn when you have to put in a new finger or thumb on your gloves.

The old boys decided it was sweater day.


Yesterday’s Comments

January 17, 2008
Christine and Nancy are a great help to me when I talk about the weather. Nancy makes me enjoy my Summers when she talks about the 120 degree weather. Christine makes me enjoy my Winters when she talks about the -22 degree weather. Thank you so much. It just makes me feel so much better. Can you see the self satisfied grin on my face? No. Wait. I shouldn’t talk that way. I’ll go live in a cave and eat worms. But I do enjoy Delaware. I think that you should both come for a visit in May. We can sit out on the deck and knit the day away.

This morning.

This evening. Myuushi is always helpful.

When I have to pick up new stitches between the fingers, I pick up twice as many, the knit 2tog. It helps to close the gap. I also do this on heels when making socks.

Here’s my purple and black sweater with my new hat and gloves. Now, I have to make a scarf.


Maude is P O’ed

January 12, 2008

For the past two nights, Zippo has gone to bed early in Maude’s favorite sleeping place–the dirty clothes basket. What could be better than Mom’s dirty underwear? She looked so sad. I told her she should go to bed sooner, but she said Zippo had ruined the flavor. When I went to bed, I laid my clothes on the settee. She curled up on them and went to sleep.

The hat is finished. I am glad that I decided to add another row of squares. It made the hole bigger, but I just did a few more rows of decreases before starting the I-cord. I like it much more than the last one. Speaking of which, I started the gloves last night.

I have already decided to take this out and make a swatch on size 2’s. This rib is a tad too loose for me. I worked on the back of the table runner, but I was getting frustrated. I couldn’t think straight. Or was it that I could think straight when I needed to think diagonally? Zippo was no help.



They Came

January 3, 2008


The electrician actually showed up around 745AM. They worked until 3PM and they are supposed to come back tomorrow. I’ve got to put my Nativity and creche away tonight because they will be working right there. The Nativity set is so beautiful and I only recently found a suitable creche for it.

I started another entrelac hat last night to match my new gloves. With size 4 circular needle, I cast on 120 stitches. I did three row stripes for about 1 1/2 inches. The squares are going to remain eight stitches and I will have to knit about two more row of sloping squares. We’ll see what happens. Sometimes, what I see in my head doesn’t come to fruition.

Here’s a little incentive. All you have to do is comment and a one of a kind pair of gloves could be yours.


Happy Retirement Diana!

January 1, 2008
In honor of this auspicious occasion, I declare this Diana Comment Month. You see, I know that she reads my blog, but she never comments. So, for you lurkers out there, and everybody else of course, I am offering a little incentive to comment. It’s not hard. It won’t hurt. Surely, you must have some thoughts on what I have said.For every comment that I receive during the month of January 2008, I will put your name on a piece of paper and put it in my Chanticleer pitcher.  The winner will receive a hand knit pair of gloves.

On the first of February, I will drive over to Walmart and ask a stranger to pick out a slip of paper. Remember, everyone has up to 31 chances to win. Fortunately, I have plenty of paper that hasn’t gone to the recycle center yet. (No virgin paper was harmed in the making of this contest.) When the time comes, I will ask you to scan or copy your hand and your yarn color and weight preferences.

Guess What!

December 31, 2007
That’s right. No electrician. Ah, the joys of living in lower slower Delaware. But I expected it, even if I did get up at 7AM. It’s still a helluva lot better than where I used to live.

I finished the hat and wore it out on my dog walk this morning. I still have a ball and a half which is plenty for a pair of gloves. Speaking of gloves, here’s the pair I just finished.

And I have enough for a hat. I may make another entrelac. It looks good on me and the pattern is still fresh in my head. I will have to use much smaller needles and I am not sure that I want to stripe each square or perhaps make alternating solid squares.

The second row of right sloping squares.

Beginning the final squares.

With the second square, you are decreasing at the end of every row. I know that it looks strange, but keep at it.

The last eight stitches. Bind these off loosely and leave a tail long enough to sew it to the side of the first square.

Bound off and ready to sew.

I decided that this hole was too big so I got out my double pointed needles and picked up and knit twenty stitches. Row 2–knit two together–10 sts. Row 3–K2tog–5 sts. Row 4–K3, K2tog–4sts. Begin I-Cord. Make it long enough to knot the end.


And there you go.



You Can Go Back

November 29, 2007

I’m going back to Reisterstown tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain on Sunday and I would rather drive back home than go to the cemetery. I plan on taking a nice long bath Friday morning. I love that bathtub. I don’t even use the one here. Well, I do shower. Then, I will go to the cemetery and decorate for Christmas. Saturday morning, Jenn and I will go Christmas shopping. This works pretty well for us. Males are so hard to buy for. And we are not above saying to each other what we want. We’ve been doing it for several years now. We have a good time. It is supposed to be in the upper 40’s so I will take extra sweaters and gloves. Did I mention that gloves are my favorite thing to make?

Speaking of gloves, I finished the scarf to go with Jenn’s gloves. I actually made it twice. The first time, it wasn’t long enough so I cast on just enough to do one pattern. Now, it’s long and skinny.

And here is the scarf that I finally made to go with my gloves.

This is probably my last blog for November unless I can get over to my daughter’s house on Friday.

New Bulky Sweater

November 17, 2007

The other week I was rummaging around in my stash looking for bulky yarn.  I was going to make a cat bed.  I soon realized that I had enough for a sweater for me and several cat beds.   Well, I still haven’t gotten to the cat bed, but I have a new sweater.  I used a pattern in an old Vogue Knitting magazine.  It called for heavy worsted on size 11 needles.  Since my yarn was really bulky, I used size 17 needles.  I did a gauge swatch–Yes!!  I always do a gauge swatch.  I cast on half the number of stitches for size Large and only did about half the number of rows.  I had to fudge some of the decreases at the armholes, but I am very happy with the end result. 

  6-06-flood-knit-102807-021.jpg       6-06-flood-knit-102807-022.jpg

Since Jenn did all the driving Monday, I was free to knit.  I started on a pair of gloves for her.  I used Paton’s SWS.  It was pretty and felt very nice.  I got most of one glove made.  It went very quickly on size 5 needles.  The yarn band said size 9, but I always go down a few sizes for gloves.  I also gave her a pair of  socks for Christmas.  They were Lorna’s Laces in red, white and green with a mitered square design.  I gave them to her now so that she can wear them when she is feeling Christmasy.  Is that a word?  I forgot to take a picture.    

  elvis-new-yarn-gloves-026.jpg      elvis-new-yarn-gloves-030.jpg    elvis-new-yarn-gloves-029.jpg    Here are Jenn’s gloves and some yarn I picked up over the weekend.  My first thought was gloves, but there is enough for socks.  I was also thinking about a scarf with the leftover yarn from Jenn’s gloves—something open with perhaps little flowers at the end.