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When You Don’t Know What to Do Next

January 29, 2015

I’ve done all the mending I care to do for a while.  I still have those seersucker pants to fix.  I removed three rows of stitches holding down the two-inch wide heavy-duty elastic.  I need to get over to JoAnn’s or equivalent for the right elastic.  So the pants will sit for a while.

I had three packs of two and a half-inch squares, so I made two fabric baskets.  They were fun to make and didn’t take much time.  I really don’t have any use for them, so I’ll probably give them away.

002  005

So I Made This Hat

January 25, 2015

sock white hat 012  Stupid looking.  Right?  It doesn’t look bad on my head.  Not so much my glass head.  But it is about two inches smaller than mine.  I don’t know why I bought this yarn.  I guess I wanted to see how it looked knitted.  It needs more balls.  A shrug or pullover might look nice.   But what do you do if a ball winds up in your armpit?  Or those two places on your chest?

The Ravens Gloves

January 18, 2015

gloves 001  The things I do for my children.  What a pain in the butt were these gloves!  Originally, I had thoughts of just sewing up the holes, but the voices in my head started screaming, NOOO!!!  So I gave in and took the whole @#$%^&* thing apart.  Well, down to the bottom of the holes anyway.  I saved the thumb and upper hand.  I had visions of grafting them back on.  Yeah.  Right.  I can barely tolerate grafting a dozen stitches at the top of a sock.  Was I really going to graft sixty stitches?  Delusions of grandeur I guess.  What was I thinking?  So I re-knit the rest of the glove using as much of the yarn I had un-knit. And that’s why the stripes aren’t right.  You can’t have everything.

Happy Socks Happy Feet

January 12, 2015

happy 001   I bought the yarn at Knitters Day Out last Fall.  It has all my favorite colors.  The pattern is from Curiosity Cabinet 3.  I should say patterns.  I couldn’t make up my mind so they are different.  They have the rounded toe that I like rather than what the patterns wanted.

Since Christmas, I have been in repair mode.  I shortened my new pants, mended a hole in an old shirt that I can’t get rid of, and removed the elastic from two pairs of capris. I need to get some more elastic to finish them.

glove 001  This is a glove that I made my daughter last year.  Somehow they were caught in a hinge.  I’ve got my work cut out for me.

My Daughter’s Sweater

January 4, 2015

jenn sweater 008  I was very happy to complete this in time for Christmas. I just wish I had taken a picture of her wearing it.  Sometimes I wonder where I keep my brain.  Anyway, it fits very well and she was very happy with it.

This is a free Cascade pattern #W423.  I even used the same yarn and almost the same color.  I had trouble getting gauge so I tried using size 6.  That worked, but I didn’t like the look.  I stayed with size 7.  After calculating, I realized that I could follow the instructions for one size smaller than my original plan.  That worked perfectly.

Cascade Yarn has a great pattern selection.  I’ve made several over the years.  And they keep it up-to-date.  I had no trouble downloading it to my phone making it so convenient to carry with me.