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I Made a Mistake

September 27, 2012

Last Friday, I drove over to Easton to buy a few extra yards of fabric to coordinate with a kit I had bought.  I want to make it big enough to cover a twin bed.  After finding what I needed, I had a look around the shop.  Sitting in a basket with some boring pre-cuts, was a gorgeous six-inch jelly roll of Kaffe Fassett Collective in Fire.  I didn’t want to buy it.  Really.  I didn’t.  But I did. 

Not the best picture, I know.  But I was in a hurry.

Sweetums fell in love with it. 

“Is it enough to make a quilt?” 


“Can you get more?  It would look great on our bed!”

Oh my.  What have I gotten my self into?  I should have known better.  What was I thinking?  So.  After spending about two days and  two hundred dollars at various websites, I think I have enough for a queen quilt.  I just hope he doesn’t bug me too much about getting it made. 

I still have this one to finish.  I think I have to make Dot one of her own.

Beautiful Days, Cool Nights

September 19, 2012

It is hard to stay inside when the weather is perfect .  And, of course, I had to several reasons to be out and about yesterday in the rain.  Today, its windy and cooler, so I’m waiting for the sun to shine out back.  I’ve gotten a lot of knitting finished, including my daughter’s vest.  I also found some orange art deco buttons in my button box. 

Here are the chicken mittens.  In an effort to make these fit me, I used size 1 rather than 2.  And it worked.

Here’s the yarn I used for my Color Affection scarf.  I finished it in short order.  It was extremely easy and got very boring, but the finished effect is beautiful.  Sorry, no finished picture yet.  It went too fast.  And, now, my camera battery seems to be dead.

So.  What’s next?  I need to decide within the next ninety minutes.  Sweetums has a blood test and we have to listen to the hoodoos recite the same old crap.  I need to start my Christmas knitting.  I also need to start my Christmas sewing, but we won’t talk about that yet.  I bought some absolutely fabulous yarn to make my daughter a lacy sweater.  My grandson is getting Coraline gloves with conductive thread in the forefinger tips so he can use his iPhone.  I’ll also make him another cap. 

New doorstop.

You Can’t Get There From Here

September 10, 2012

No.  Really.  You can’t.  I’ve been trying for days.  The internet did it.  It heard me say that I would like to drive to Bismarck.  So it decided that I would HAVE to drive there.  Two years ago, I left from BWI, changed planes once, and arrived in Bismarck at a reasonable amount of time.  And there were several flights to choose from.  Now?  Nothing.  Every one had at least two changes and cost almost twice as much.  Sweetums suggested going to Minneapolis and renting a car for the rest of the way.  He knows I like to drive.  Last time, several flights stopped there.  Not anymore.  I’d have to drive to DC or Phily.  Man!  This bites.  See what I mean?  The internet is out to get me.

Janet’s Coquille Shawl

September 7, 2012

Now, this is my kind of shawl!  Nobody’s getting this one.  I did no blocking on this one.  I really like the lumpiness of it.  There were twelve rows in the middle that I skipped because I was at the end of the red and starting to go into the purple.  I had enough yarn, but the look was so perfect.  I didn’t want to spoil it.  The leftover green will go into my sock yarn ends compartment. One of these days(years) I’ll make a jacket ‘a la’ Koigu oriental.

I’ve been working on my daughter’s vest again.  Yeah.  I wove in the rest of the ends and sewn all the seams.  I couldn’t  decide which color to rib the armholes.  I laid the contenders out on the bed, closed my eyes and picked one.  Very logical.  Burnt orange won.  I still don’t care for the collar and front band.  I’m thinking about taking it off and putting something entirely different on it.  Argh.

Chatting with Nancy

September 4, 2012

I talked with my childhood friend for half an hour yesterday.  We would have talked longer, but they was helping her husband paint.  Ugh.  I can’t help but think about the good times we had in Maine.  She said she would like to visit her aunt, but flying almost anywhere from Bismarck is such a hassle.  I completely agree with her.  I loved my visit with her, but getting there and back was a real pain.  I said that if my van wasn’t so old, I would drive there.  I think she thought I was crazy, but I don’t mind driving at all.  I could stop whenever I wanted and sight-see along the way.  The only drawback is I can’t knit and drive at the same time. 

I’m almost ready to put my quilt together.  Instead of safety pins, I’m using Pimoors.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easily they worked and how quickly they went.  I liked them so much, the quilt is going to sit there until I get more.  I ordered another hundred and I hope they get here soon. 


Somethimes, I wish I could just sit down and follow directions, but I can’t.  I get ideas, then more ideas.  And the quilt turns out completed diferent from the original.   I cut out some cats.  That looked good, but I really did need some dogs.  I thought I was finished, but then, I thought, where are they going to live.  Well. A house of course.  And a tree to finish it off. Finally.