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On to the Next Pair

February 29, 2012

I got this yarn in December.  Who has time to make Christmas socks in December?  It should have been sent in October.  Or maybe even August with the way I was going.  This sock went so fast.  And it’s cute.  Sometimes you just have to make cute.  I have happy socks.  Why not have cute socks?   I love the little loops along the top.

When the February sock club came, I was very happy with the yarn.  The patterns left something to be desired.  I was expecting two totally different patterns which they weren’t.  Granted, it was a glove and a sock, but the cuffs on both were the same.  And they literally buttoned closed.  I make gloves and socks for warmth.   I don’t want to see any gaps.  So I got out Anna Zilboorg’s Magnificent Mittens and Socks, a fun book.  Next came two skeins of Great Adirondack’s Smoochie.  Looks like I’ll be getting the swift and ball winder out in the next few days.

I wonder how much cat help I’ll get.

Miss Marple Socks

February 22, 2012

I  love these socks.

I am so glad that I changed the pattern.  I couldn’t see doing the lace pattern on the foot so I just continued the dot pattern.  It’s much more practical(warmer) this way.

And, of course, I had to switch colors.

Getting Rid of Stuff

February 18, 2012

It’s all I seem to be doing lately.  I think it has something to with the kitchen business.  When you start rearranging drawers and cabinets, you just can’t stop.  I should sew.  It’s been ages.  And I have some great ideas.  And I have some great fabric.  But I should really rearrange some things in that area.  But, first, I should go through some things and determine what exactly goes where and what is worth keeping.  What may have value to someone else and what should just be thrown away.  That’s all I seem to do lately.  I went to Reisterstown for a few days and did the same thing there.  I am surprised at how much I want to be shut of that house.  Anybody want a hundred year old house?  I sure don’t.  I get tense every time I am there.  All I want to do is enjoy my little house on the creek.  I don’t need six frigging bedrooms.

I’m still working on my Miss Marple socks.  I should be finished.  Last night I put a different toe on the second sock.  Today, I decided I liked the second one better.  I started to frog the first toe, but I got carried away.  And now, I have to redo half the foot, too.

Fan Dango Vest from Dazzling Knits

February 8, 2012

My daughter picked this pattern, but she wanted it long enough to cover her bottom.  There are large windows behind her at work, but she doesn’t  care to wear a sweater.  Since the vest is knit from the top down, it was easy to get the right length.  I only bought one ball of yarn for this vest.  The rest came out of my stash.  I stayed mostly with purples and grays to give it a classy look. 

I’m So Lucky

February 6, 2012

I was sitting on a bench over the river this morning and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was.  We have a nice home on the water in a pleasant neighborhood.  We can afford to make improvements to make our home even more perfect for us.  All those years of working hard paid off.  When I was young and struggling, I never thought that I would have anything like this.  I learned early that the only way to change anything was to do it yourself.  Something my lousy education certainly lacked.  I am as happy as I possibly can be.  

Wait a minute.  Did I just say that?  I’d better be careful.  I’ll ruin my reputation.  I mean, if I were one of the seven dwarfs, I’d be Grumpy, so these feelings are kind of strange for me. 

Our kitchen is coming along.  We still have some decisions to make.    The little round table is nice for two, but a small island would help.  Sweetums was considering an attached rectangular table.  Interesting.  After the island, we need to consider countertops.  Oh.  And a hood.