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Can’t Sew Today

December 19, 2015


Maggie Pi said so.  Maybe tomorrow.  I still need to finish the door draft thingy.  I finally found tiny locking bags to put the poly-pellets in.  I need to fill eighteen of those little suckers.  I hope I have enough.  Then, there’s the hand sewing.  Will they be ready for Christmas?  Not if I get any more cat help.

ruth gus gloves 011  My new gloves.  I love to knit gloves.  It’s the only way I can get them to fit.  And, of course, switching colors like these if so much fun.


There was just enough yarn left to make a hat.  The main part of the hat is reverse stockinet with changing yarns every row.  I used the last of the yarn to make a few worms.  I’m very happy with it.  I should write down the pattern before I forget.

My Son and ‘The Magic Flute’

December 12, 2015

We went to see a re-broadcast of Mozart’s, The Magic Flute, this afternoon at the cinema.  It was my son’s first time.  This one was song in English, making it easier to follow.  It was also abridged, so it was only two hours long.  A good first time opera.

As the opera was starting, I got a little weepy.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of my old opera buddy, Ray.  We got season tickets in the first balcony of the Lyric for several years.  And here I was now, sitting next to this six and almost one half-foot tall young man doing it again.   It didn’t seem that long ago that I was tucking him into bed, giving Sweetums a kiss and driving down to meet Ray at the theatre.

Afterward, we went out for pancakes and we talked about it.  He really loved it.  I’m so happy.  It’s (almost) like old times.