Big Girl Pony Tail Hat

I had a hat like this when I was a kid.  The best part was being able to have my pony tail sticking out.  Once I got the idea, it didn’t take me long at all to put it together.  I may not have a pony tail now, but at least I’ll have a hat for when I do.

Yarn used:  Colinette Point Five-2 hanks.  Hat weighs 5.2 oz.

Needles:  size 10.5 for body of hat and two size 10 dpns for cord.

Cast on 21 stitches.

Note:  Begin each row with knit 1 through back loop and end each with slip 1 with yarn forward.

Row 1:  [Knit 2, purl 1] to end.

Row 2:  [K 1, p 2] to end.

Repeat these two rows for 20″.  Bind off in pattern.

With right side facing, pick up and knit 40 stitches along selvage edge.

Rows 1, 3, 5, 7 purl.

Row 2:  [K 3, k2tog] to end. 

Row 4:  [K 2, k2tog] to end.

Row 6:  [K 1, k2tog] to end.

Row 8:  K2tog to end.

Row 9 P2tog to end.

Cut yarn leaving a tail long enough to weave through the 4 stitches and fasten.

Strap:  With dpns, cast on 3 stitches.  Knit I-cord for 15″.  Knit attached I-cord along cast on edge.  Pick a loop at front edge and knit together with first stitch of I-cord, then knit 2.  Continue along to back.  21 stitches, give or take.  Knit I-cord for 4 rows.  Knit attached I-cord from back to front of bind off edge.  Then knit I-cord for 15″.  Knit 3 together. Fasten off.  Weave in all ends.

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