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Mending Sucks

November 30, 2011

When I think about all the great stuff I could be making, it really frustrates me.  It’s so boring!!!  It all started when Sweetums found some zippered sweat shirts that he liked.  The sleeves were about an inch too long.  “No problem”, I said.  As long as I was mending, I might as well fix some other stuff that has been laying around.  I went to the ‘Wall of Shelves’ nd started pulling things out.  Boy, was that a mistake.  It’s been about two weeks so far and I’m still working on it.   I should be finished and on to something fun.  The problem is, I keep putting it off.  There’s always something else that needs my attention.  I am such a procrastinator.  Is that a word?

I have also decided to give lampshade making a try.  I tried fixing this eighty or ninty year old one, but it kind of fell apart.  Since it looked homemade to begin with, I decided to give it a try. 

I could only find an appropriate weight and texture paper in white or black, but it’s hard to tell what the original color was anyway.  Cutting was hard, but punching the holes is worse.  About six or eight is all that I can manage at a time.

New Reading Glasses

November 29, 2011

I believe they say it all.

Well– I could have gotten purple, but I look so much better in yellow.

My New Favorite Sock Book

November 22, 2011

Knit.  Sock.  Love.  By Cookie A.

So far, I’ve made sox socks, not pairs of socks, just six socks.  I have given up on making pairs.  There are so many great pattens in this book that I can’t make anything twice.  I can’t wait that long.   I loved her first book.  This one is even better!

What Am I Doing?

November 18, 2011

Well… I headed over the bridge last Sunday.  I went to the cemetery and decorated for Christmas.  He always enjoyed Christmas.  Nanny and Pop are nearby and they get decorated, too.  The weather was very pleasant this year so I stayed for a while.  I talked to them and had a good cry.  Every year, I am drawn here and I leave feeling so much better.  I don’t know exactly how to put it.  It is something I have to do.  I drove back to Reisterstown through the country.  Some of those roads, I hadn’t been on in years.  It was pretty dark by the time I got back.  

Monday was ‘Girls Day Out’.  It was decided to meet at the Corner Stable in Cockeysville due to its central location.  This was fine with me since there’s a JoAnn’s there.  I was not very happy with the cramped space and had the waitress remove the useless crap from the table before I “accidentally” knocked it on to the floor.  There was very little of interest on the menu.  I settled on a shrimp salad sandwich with cole slaw.  The menu mentioned Old Bay, but I think they just showed it the can.  It was bland with entirely too much mayonnaise.  The lettuce was too tough to eat.  That said, I really did have a good time.  It is always great seeing everyone.

Purls in Onancock VA

November 12, 2011

A few days ago, Maria called.  She and Betty wanted to take me to lunch on Veterans Day.  It sounds a lot better than, “I’m off Friday.  Let’s go shopping.  You can drive.”  I always drive, which is fine with me.  I like to drive.  My van is more comfortable for me than theirs.  That’s important for old cricky people like me.  So, anyway, somehow we found ourselves in Onancock.  It is a super little town.  I love going there.  It’s full of neat stuff.  I may even take Sweetums some day. 

Since it was almost 1pm when we got there, we went to Janet’s Cafe for lunch.  They are only open until 2pm in the winter.  As usual, we had an absolutely fabulous lunch.  We love love love this place.  Trying to decide on what to get is very hard.  Maybe next time I’ll just close my eyes and pick one.  I don’t believe I could go wrong. 

Purls  is now across the street from Janet’s so it was one stop shopping.  What more do you want?  The shop is small, but there is a good variety.  I only bought one ball of yarn.  I want to make my daughter a vest and a found some glitzy purple to add to it.  Maria, as usual, bought the most.  Betty, ever the planner, with her notebook in hand, found yarn for a couple of projects.  We were there for about two hours.  How does that happen? 

By the time I got up to Salisbury, it was full dark.  It being Friday dinnertime, cars were everywhere.  It  was as bad as summertime.  I was a little tired and didn’t feel like dealing with highway traffic so I headed over to the old road.  I popped in my iPod and enjoyed the rest of the trip in pease.

I’m Seeing Much Better Now

November 10, 2011

Sometimes it’s really hard trying to explain how I feel.  I can look out my window across to other side of the water and see a man walking along the edge.  He is a bit bent over with white hair and ruddy complexion.  All this without my glasses!  This is  so wonderful for me.  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was two years old.  And  now I can see better than my old corrected lenses.  Yesterday, sitting on the pier on the river, I said a little prayer of thanks.  It is all so overwhelming.  I didn’t know life could be like this.

Flo, (aka Sheena, Warrior Princess), can’t hide on top of the cabinets any more.  I didn’t think I had a skinny grey pig.

That white blob down by the water is our Sweet Baby Rue.  I can even make out his tinted ears and tail.  And those things swimming around are geese.