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What Am I Doing?

November 18, 2011

Well… I headed over the bridge last Sunday.  I went to the cemetery and decorated for Christmas.  He always enjoyed Christmas.  Nanny and Pop are nearby and they get decorated, too.  The weather was very pleasant this year so I stayed for a while.  I talked to them and had a good cry.  Every year, I am drawn here and I leave feeling so much better.  I don’t know exactly how to put it.  It is something I have to do.  I drove back to Reisterstown through the country.  Some of those roads, I hadn’t been on in years.  It was pretty dark by the time I got back.  

Monday was ‘Girls Day Out’.  It was decided to meet at the Corner Stable in Cockeysville due to its central location.  This was fine with me since there’s a JoAnn’s there.  I was not very happy with the cramped space and had the waitress remove the useless crap from the table before I “accidentally” knocked it on to the floor.  There was very little of interest on the menu.  I settled on a shrimp salad sandwich with cole slaw.  The menu mentioned Old Bay, but I think they just showed it the can.  It was bland with entirely too much mayonnaise.  The lettuce was too tough to eat.  That said, I really did have a good time.  It is always great seeing everyone.

I Had to Go to Food Lion

November 21, 2009

Doug talked me into it.  They have the carpet stuff that he likes to use.  I was hoping for butter pecan syrup, but it seems they don’t carry it anymore.  Bummer.  We bought a bunch of stuff that I know I wouldn’t have bought otherwise.  I also got a ham and a turkey.  Now I’ll have to cook them.  I like to make yeast rolls and apple pies, but all that smelly meat is too much.  I’m not a vegetarian.  I’m just not a big meat-eater—- or cooker.  My son is off on Thanksgiving and Friday so he’s coming down and I’ll have another person to eat it.  I am feeling better the last few days so I think I’ll be better this year.  I think going to the cemetery early this year was the right thing to do.


November 25, 2008

Every year at Thanksgiving, I have to go to the cemetery.  I have to.  It calls me.  I tried waiting until afterwards a few times.  It didn’t work.  I had to go.  I don’t get anything  accomplished until I go.  And I don’t have any Christmas spirit either.  The cemetery comes first.  That’s all there is to it.  I got out my decorations and my T-pins, but I didn’t leave until 10:30.  Doug wanted to get the oil changed first.  So I got out the refrigerator roll dough I made last night and made up a few rolls.  While they were rising, I got dressed.  When Doug got back he took Gus for a short walk and I baked the rolls.  I also called Linda to come over and have some.  I got out the butter and jam.  They were wonderful.  They are so good right out of the oven.  It takes about two hours to get to the cemetery so I was glad to have Doug come along.  He decorated Nannie and Pop while I did Louie.  Christmas decorations are much better than flowers especially in Winter.  They look so festive.  I chat. I cry. I show off my sweater.  I wish Daddy were here too.  I feel better.  I can go on.

Life Goes On

November 28, 2007

I bought Christmas decorations for the cemetery today. I found some bright sparkling garland, some bows and a tiny Christmas tree. I pretend that they are standing there with me as I pick out stuff. I miss Louie. I miss Nannie and Pop too. You expect your grandparents to die, but not your child.

Here’s my daughter, Jenn, and Kevin, my grandson.

Here’s my husband, Doug and my son, Winston. What would I do without them?