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You Can Go Back

November 29, 2007

I’m going back to Reisterstown tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain on Sunday and I would rather drive back home than go to the cemetery. I plan on taking a nice long bath Friday morning. I love that bathtub. I don’t even use the one here. Well, I do shower. Then, I will go to the cemetery and decorate for Christmas. Saturday morning, Jenn and I will go Christmas shopping. This works pretty well for us. Males are so hard to buy for. And we are not above saying to each other what we want. We’ve been doing it for several years now. We have a good time. It is supposed to be in the upper 40’s so I will take extra sweaters and gloves. Did I mention that gloves are my favorite thing to make?

Speaking of gloves, I finished the scarf to go with Jenn’s gloves. I actually made it twice. The first time, it wasn’t long enough so I cast on just enough to do one pattern. Now, it’s long and skinny.

And here is the scarf that I finally made to go with my gloves.

This is probably my last blog for November unless I can get over to my daughter’s house on Friday.

Life Goes On

November 28, 2007

I bought Christmas decorations for the cemetery today. I found some bright sparkling garland, some bows and a tiny Christmas tree. I pretend that they are standing there with me as I pick out stuff. I miss Louie. I miss Nannie and Pop too. You expect your grandparents to die, but not your child.

Here’s my daughter, Jenn, and Kevin, my grandson.

Here’s my husband, Doug and my son, Winston. What would I do without them?

Dental Benefits

November 26, 2007

My head hurts. I just spent nearly three hours reading about dental plans. I have to pick something by Dec. 10. I have four plans to choose from and I have narrowed it down to two. AARRGGHH!! Somehow, my husband has managed to break two pairs of his glasses this year so I guess I am going to add him to my vision plan.

We watches a good movie last night, Hogfather, based on a book by Terry Pratchett. I have read some of his books, but not this one. I called my son as it was starting. He found out he got Ion and put it on. He was really excited. I think he has read every one of his books. My girlfriend called right after I hung up. I really didn’t want to answer it. She was actually civil. We talked for about ten minutes when her brother called. Fine with me. I was trying to watch the movie and crochet. Then my daughter called. I had called earlier, but she wasn’t home. We had some plans to make. We didn’t talk too long. Since I am used to multi-tasking, I didn’t miss any of the movie. I can talk on the phone, watch TV and knit at the same time, but not crochet. I was very happy when the phone finally stopped ringing. I got a fair amount of crocheting done by the time the movie was over.

Can you tell that I crochet left-handed?

It’s Winter

November 25, 2007

Suddenly, winter is with us. All the leaves fell in one day.Myuushi does not like leaves on the porch. They are supposed to be on the ground like God intended them. Elvis, on the hand, prefers a warm heat duct.

Thursday, I wore cotton short sleeve shirt and matching pants to my neighbors. I took a thin sweater with me. The next day, it was heavy socks(which I hate), jeans, turtleneck, heavy sweater, wool hat and gloves. I keep telling myself that I least I get to show off my knitting.

After Thanksgiving

November 24, 2007

Well, I tried to post Thursday and Friday, but I had elephant fingers and couldn’t hit a single key right. I couldn’t even take decent pictures. I wanted to show off my favorite gadget. I forgot about the flash but you can still see. I don’t see how I managed to make all those pies all those years without it.

Doug did his best, but the cats kept him down.

I Forgot

November 21, 2007

I got TWO comments yesterday.  I am so excited!!  Someone actually read what I wrote and had great things to say in return.  Thanks Sara.  Thanks Anne.   Love ya.

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

November 21, 2007

Here it is, the day before Thanksgiving. I have things to do, but it is so beautiful outside. I managed to cook up a small batch of rolls this morning before walking the dog. They’re gone now. Sweetums washed and hung the sheets so I guess I will have to bathe tonight. I am sure the neighbors will appreciate it.

Here is a picture of me with the neighbors house in the background. I didn’t like this sweater when I first made it.  It sat on the closet shelf for a good year. I am finally starting to like it. It seems to look better. I think all those dog walks are paying off. Do I look brain dead! I was trying to explain the camera to my husband and this was the best he could do. At this point, I probably was brain dead.

The pattern is from Sally Melville’s Purl Book. The yarn is Rowan California Cotton. I really love this yarn. I still have enough for at least three more sweaters. It’s also wonderful for wash cloths. I am making my daughter a tunic with it. It is taking me a while because it is crocheted. It’s hard on my hands and I can’t crochet for hours on end like knitting. On the other hand, her knitted gloves are done and I have started on a matching lacy scarf.

Back to reality. I’ve got to go peel apples.

Refrigerator Rolls

November 20, 2007

I made the mistake of making scones for breakfast this morning. They took too long. I had other things to do. But, they were really good.

Now, it’s after 4PM and all I have done is get the mashed potatoes out for the rolls. I am really dragging around. I didn’t go to the market until 3 PM. I needed really stupid stuff. The worse being nutmeg. I know I have nutmeg around here somewhere, but neither of us could find it. The good spaces were all gone in the parking lot and I wasted a lot of time waiting for LOLs to get by. Daddy always told me to have patience, but there are times. As soon as I finish this, I will go make up the rolls and put them in the refrigerator. Tomorrow morning, I will make 5 or 6 to try out.

It’s a good thing I will not be making everything for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I could handle it right now. The neighbors invited us and am bringing rolls and apple pies. I couldn’t find the right kind of apples around here, but fortunately, my daughter did. I picked them up when I went over there last week. I think those pies are the main reason my son is coming here for Thanksgiving.

Rain, Rain, Rain

November 20, 2007

I woke up late due to the rain.  It rained all morning so I decided to drive down to Salisbury to get a haircut.  Monday’s a good day to go, but I took some knitting just to be sure.  Well, I breezed right in.  Of course, if I hadn’t taken anything, I would have had to wait.  Then I went over to TSC for horse treats.  No, I don’t own a horse, but I do walk my dog around a horse farm.   Next stop was Michael’s Crafts.  I needed green pipe cleaners for a Christmas display I am hoping to make for my daughter for Christmas.  They don’t call them pipe cleaners any more. The sales person looked at me like I had three heads.  I found them on my own.  They are now called chenille stems.  That store gives me a headache, but I did find some tiny presents to put in Santa’s tiny sleigh and some cookie sheets.  I’ll post a picture if and when my husband finishes painting the wall and I dare open my sewing machine again.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to finish knitting the gloves tonight and start on the scarf.  I want to do something different, but my brain isn’t in creative mode currently.

New Bulky Sweater

November 17, 2007

The other week I was rummaging around in my stash looking for bulky yarn.  I was going to make a cat bed.  I soon realized that I had enough for a sweater for me and several cat beds.   Well, I still haven’t gotten to the cat bed, but I have a new sweater.  I used a pattern in an old Vogue Knitting magazine.  It called for heavy worsted on size 11 needles.  Since my yarn was really bulky, I used size 17 needles.  I did a gauge swatch–Yes!!  I always do a gauge swatch.  I cast on half the number of stitches for size Large and only did about half the number of rows.  I had to fudge some of the decreases at the armholes, but I am very happy with the end result. 

  6-06-flood-knit-102807-021.jpg       6-06-flood-knit-102807-022.jpg

Since Jenn did all the driving Monday, I was free to knit.  I started on a pair of gloves for her.  I used Paton’s SWS.  It was pretty and felt very nice.  I got most of one glove made.  It went very quickly on size 5 needles.  The yarn band said size 9, but I always go down a few sizes for gloves.  I also gave her a pair of  socks for Christmas.  They were Lorna’s Laces in red, white and green with a mitered square design.  I gave them to her now so that she can wear them when she is feeling Christmasy.  Is that a word?  I forgot to take a picture.    

  elvis-new-yarn-gloves-026.jpg      elvis-new-yarn-gloves-030.jpg    elvis-new-yarn-gloves-029.jpg    Here are Jenn’s gloves and some yarn I picked up over the weekend.  My first thought was gloves, but there is enough for socks.  I was also thinking about a scarf with the leftover yarn from Jenn’s gloves—something open with perhaps little flowers at the end.