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Self Inflicted Haircut

July 14, 2008

It’s a good thing that I have thick hair.  This afternoon, I got out the scissors and cut a bunch of it.  I have a lot of dry split ends in the back.  The last two times I went to get a haircut I said I wanted all the dryness cut.  What is so hard about that?  Well, now it is out and it still looks pretty good and it is a lot easier to wash.  I may get it evened out in a couple of weeks.  It still waves in the back and you would never know I cut about three inches off the top.

Well, I didn’t get any takers on the free socks so they are now a women’s size 7 or 38.  (My favorite shoes are made in Germany.)  There is still time to apply.

quilt back

quilt back

I decided on my quilt back.  I also decided to cut it into squares and add some more colors.  All the work that I put into on the front deserves an interesting back.  Of course, I may never finish that quilt.  But that would also mean I would never embroider again and I know that’s not going to happen.

Happy June

June 2, 2008

I had on sandals when I went walking this morning so I was only out for about half an hour.  The problem being that it rained cows and pigs last night and the ground was soaked and very squishy.

I wore my new socks to knitting group this afternoon.  I didn’t mention them, but somebody did notice them.  I must say, they did look nice with my red sandals.  I have gotten down to the heel on my socks.  It has the standard heel, but i prefer what some call the “After Thought Heel”.  I think they last longer.  I can always change it later.  There was an error in the pattern, but I caught it almost right away.   Two rows of the pattern were reversed.

I got a haircut while I was down there.  No sense in wasting the gas.  It’s a forty mile round trip. I am so glad the color that it was dyed is so close to my natural color.  It’s about half grown out and doesn’t look too strange.album blocks

I finished my album blocks and I am working on the half and quarter blocks.  I am making extra full and half blocks as I finish each step.album block




Before and after.  With and without the flash.  Is that center square too much?  Why do I ask?  It’s staying.Maude




                                                  Good Night.

P.S.  Hope I haven’t bored you too much.

Rain, Rain, Rain

November 20, 2007

I woke up late due to the rain.  It rained all morning so I decided to drive down to Salisbury to get a haircut.  Monday’s a good day to go, but I took some knitting just to be sure.  Well, I breezed right in.  Of course, if I hadn’t taken anything, I would have had to wait.  Then I went over to TSC for horse treats.  No, I don’t own a horse, but I do walk my dog around a horse farm.   Next stop was Michael’s Crafts.  I needed green pipe cleaners for a Christmas display I am hoping to make for my daughter for Christmas.  They don’t call them pipe cleaners any more. The sales person looked at me like I had three heads.  I found them on my own.  They are now called chenille stems.  That store gives me a headache, but I did find some tiny presents to put in Santa’s tiny sleigh and some cookie sheets.  I’ll post a picture if and when my husband finishes painting the wall and I dare open my sewing machine again.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to finish knitting the gloves tonight and start on the scarf.  I want to do something different, but my brain isn’t in creative mode currently.