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Happy June

June 2, 2008

I had on sandals when I went walking this morning so I was only out for about half an hour.  The problem being that it rained cows and pigs last night and the ground was soaked and very squishy.

I wore my new socks to knitting group this afternoon.  I didn’t mention them, but somebody did notice them.  I must say, they did look nice with my red sandals.  I have gotten down to the heel on my socks.  It has the standard heel, but i prefer what some call the “After Thought Heel”.  I think they last longer.  I can always change it later.  There was an error in the pattern, but I caught it almost right away.   Two rows of the pattern were reversed.

I got a haircut while I was down there.  No sense in wasting the gas.  It’s a forty mile round trip. I am so glad the color that it was dyed is so close to my natural color.  It’s about half grown out and doesn’t look too strange.album blocks

I finished my album blocks and I am working on the half and quarter blocks.  I am making extra full and half blocks as I finish each step.album block




Before and after.  With and without the flash.  Is that center square too much?  Why do I ask?  It’s staying.Maude




                                                  Good Night.

P.S.  Hope I haven’t bored you too much.