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I Ate too much Shrimp

February 26, 2010

And now, my stomach is a bit upset.  But, it was really good. And I haven’t had any in such a long time.  I have had a five-pound box sitting in my freezer for too long.  There is still s lot of it left.  I could make shrimp salad and still have enough left to make a pasta dish.   We are going to be so sick of shrimp.

 I have lost track of the age of some of my frozen food so we are going to everything in the freezer before buying any more.  And that’s all there is to it. 

Last year was so disorganized.  This year, all I seem to want to do is get things finished.  I think that clearing out the freezer is part of that.

Speaking of finishing, I’ve only got a few more inches on my Stars sweater.  I have got to get that sucker finished, but it makes me crazy.  And I just can’t work on it constantly.  So, I’ve been working a little on my Clown socks in between.

Walking Again

February 23, 2010

I have finally been able to get in a little walk the past couple of days.  I can almost make to the end of our road, but the incline is mostly snow-covered.  It’s so aggravating.  Last night, it started raining and it has really helped in getting rid of the snow.  I will be so happy when it is all gone.  This snow was very heavy and I think we will have to have at two large ones removed.  Also, a holly looks very bad.  It saddens me.  Even though I like the rain for snow removal, it is very hard on my joints.  When I came in from walking, I could hardly get my sweater off.  It’s a heavy, close-knit pullover and my shoulders really protested.  I was going to sew, but I didn’t have the energy for even that.  I had cut out a top and a vest the other day.  The fabric is very hairy.  I had to get out the Static Guard in order to get the hair off my cutting table.  I hope I don’t run into too many problems putting it together.  I’ll probably have to clean my machine a few times while I ‘m making them. 

I’ve been cheating on my knitting.  The sweater from hell is taking a back seat to my clown socks.  I had taken the socks to knitting group Sunday and enjoyed working on them so much that I haven’t gone back to the sweater.  My fingers just love little wooden needles.  Flo says she doesn’t mind.

Still Sewing

February 22, 2010

I decided I didn’t really like the dressing gown I made so I made another.  I used leftovers and remnants.   

I also added a cell phone pocket.  It’s a little small, but it certainly is cute.

I found a pillow kit that I turned a tunic.  It looks a bit goofy, but I probably won’t be wearing it anywhere anyway.

I made a cell phone pocket for it, too.

My Brother

February 19, 2010

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from my “little” brother.  He and his wife would be in Cambridge for a few days and wanted to come by.   I had been asking him to visit for about three years.  He lives in Virginia  and it can be inconvenient.  They came Tuesday afternoon and stayed until 10PM.  We had a very pleasant time.  It was great to see him. 

We talked and talked.  Ann wanted to know what he was like when he was little.    My big brother and I were 12 and 15 when he was a baby and we proceeded to get him in all kinds of trouble.  All in all, he was a pretty good kid and soon learned that driving our mother crazy was lots of fun.  He was also prone to accidents.  Daddy would say, “Are you sure he’s ours?”  This also infuriated mother.  And according to Ann, he still has to watched.

As the evening wore on, I soon realized how much he reminded me of  Daddy–the way he talked, the way he moved his hands and, of course, the way he looked.  He wasn’t quite nine years old when Daddy died and he is like him is so many ways.   I wanted to cry.  It’s amazing, the things that are inherited that I would have ever imagined.  I still miss Daddy.  It’s nice to know that there is a close facsimile.

Snow Sick

February 16, 2010

I am really getting tired of this snow.  I can’t go anywhere.  It has been over two weeks since I’ve been out for a walk.  I’m going to become a couch potato and turn into a warm brown turd.  Yesterday’s big event was going to Pizza Hut.  It’s ridiculous.  We need a few warm days and some rain to wash it all away.   All this snow is so depressing.  My girlfriend called this morning.  She wanted to go to the yarn shop in St. Michael’s.  I said my driveway  was clear, but not the loop and my street was still snow-covered.  I invited her up to help her with her gloves, but she didn’t take me up on it.  

Even Cora would rather stay inside.

First Day Out

February 12, 2010

Flo and Olive went out for the first time this morning.  They were only out for a few minutes.

Cora was out for a lot longer.  She has very thick fur and cold doesn’t affect her much.

There was only one lonely duck this morning.

And Again with the Snow

February 11, 2010

Last night, it sounded like rain, but it was freezing.  This morning, it started to snow.  Now it’s impossible to tell how much snow we had, it’s blowing so hard.  Jenn called around noon.  They had around a foot.  She says only emergency vehicles are allowed out.  He doubts anything will be open tomorrow either.  Cora went out a few times, then gave up.

Flo spent the day watching the birds.  Doug had put out some birdseed at the cellar door under the deck.  She was fascinated.

I was planning to sew today.  I’m making a night-shirt, robe and tunic.  Instead, I found another pair of jeans that need alteration.  I liked this little cat for them.  I thought it was right.

The Storm

February 10, 2010

I was going to do this yesterday, but I was too tired. 

Friday evening, it started.  Eighteen inches and 24 hours later, it was finally over.  The electricity went off at 3:23 Saturday morning.  And stayed off until noon on Monday.  It could have been prevented.  We have one asshole in our neighborhood.  And we do have a neighborhood here.  He was told by a tree expert that a dead tree needed to come down over a year ago.  The elderly couple next to him asked him on several occasions to have it removed and so did another neighbor.  He always had an excuse.  Well, this snow has the consistancy of wet sand.  The weight of snow on the tree pulled down wires and killed the power to the entire neighborhood.  He swore that no one told him and that we were all liars.  He screamed at least three of neighbors.  I hope he enjoys being ostracized by the entire neighborhood.  And I wonder how many of them will be vindictive. 

I got a lot of knitting accomplished ans I cut out a robe and night-shirt for myself on Saturday.  By Sunday, it was too cold in that part of the house.  Of course, I could only knit during the day.  By Monday, we were almost out of firewood.  Doug was having an anxiety attack.  He wanted me to take the animals and go to Reisterstown.  He figured he could camp out at the neighbors.  Have you ever tried to catch and cage four cats?  We started around 10AM.  It was almost noon by the time we got them together and everything in the car.  I WAS NOT looking forward to driving 111 miles on bad roads with four screaming cats and a car-sick dog.    By this time, the power company was finally able to get to the power lines.  It is in a small wooded area and the truck they sent had gotten stuck during the night.  At this point, I didn’t know what to do.  I went out to the garage and started my van.  It took a few minutes for the heater to work.  Flo turned her face to it.  She thought it was wonderful.  I waited as long as possible.  I was about to leave when the power came back on.  Boy, was I happy!  And the cats?  They were thoroughly pissed.  Olive didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day.

I especially want to tell you how much I appreciate John of John’s Tree Service.  He came out an hour after Doug called and did a superior job of cleaning our driveway.  Doug noticed our drive looked better than anyone else’s on the street. 

The funny thing is, I slept great.  It was only 38-40 degrees in our bedroom.  I wore my long silk underwear and wool socks to bed and put another down comforter.   I could hardly move.  I slept soundly for nine or ten hours both nights.  Doug didn’t sleep at all.  My poor baby.

Fixing My Jeans

February 6, 2010

It is so nice to be taking in my jeans.  I never thought that  would be doing it.  So far, I’ve fixed three.  I think I have two more to work on.  I’ve put embroidery on them since I had the legs cut open.  It’s been fun.  I feel good to be getting things done.

I also took in a pair of good pants.  They were so big, I practically had to remake them.  It’s made of bark cloth which is a bit fragile.  It has a matching top that I put a lot of work into and nothing else I own goes with it.  When I put them on, they definitely looked a lot better.  I hate the thought og having to take the top in.

I haven’t been able to go for a walk all week.  The snow has been keeping me in.  Now, we are in for a blizzard.  It’s been snowing for a few hours.  I am going to turn into a couch potato.  I miss my walk.  I am too clumsy.    At least I’m getting stuff done.  I’m thinking about new placemats, wall hangings and a new night-shirt and robe.  I was getting out some fleece from a closet when I found some fuzzy fabric that I had completely forgotten about.  It would make a great top.  I can feel my creative juices flowing again.  I’m starting to feel normal again.  This is strange especially since it is the middle of winter and snowing.

Finally Finished

February 3, 2010

At this point, I thought I had finished.  The sleeves came to the same point as the picture in the book.  I must have tried it on at least six times, trying to tell myself that it was fine.  But it wasn’t.  I like sleeves to be too long.  So, what do I do?  I make cuffs.

It hangs out a little in the back, but I can live with that.  I also sewed in hooks and eyes down the front.  It’s finally finished and I’m finally happy. 

While I was away, I started another pair of socks.  I didn’t want to take the sweater with me.  The pattern is from Socks, Socks,  Socks on page 70.  I used more stitches and smaller needles.  I may also change the heel.  The pattern is relatively simple and fun. 

I want to get back to my Stars sweater.  It depends on how many cats I have in my lap.

For a change, there was more snow on the shore than in Baltimore.  I was surprised to see all this.  Cora has been having fun.