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Snow Sick

February 16, 2010

I am really getting tired of this snow.  I can’t go anywhere.  It has been over two weeks since I’ve been out for a walk.  I’m going to become a couch potato and turn into a warm brown turd.  Yesterday’s big event was going to Pizza Hut.  It’s ridiculous.  We need a few warm days and some rain to wash it all away.   All this snow is so depressing.  My girlfriend called this morning.  She wanted to go to the yarn shop in St. Michael’s.  I said my driveway  was clear, but not the loop and my street was still snow-covered.  I invited her up to help her with her gloves, but she didn’t take me up on it.  

Even Cora would rather stay inside.

First Day Out

February 12, 2010

Flo and Olive went out for the first time this morning.  They were only out for a few minutes.

Cora was out for a lot longer.  She has very thick fur and cold doesn’t affect her much.

There was only one lonely duck this morning.

And Again with the Snow

February 11, 2010

Last night, it sounded like rain, but it was freezing.  This morning, it started to snow.  Now it’s impossible to tell how much snow we had, it’s blowing so hard.  Jenn called around noon.  They had around a foot.  She says only emergency vehicles are allowed out.  He doubts anything will be open tomorrow either.  Cora went out a few times, then gave up.

Flo spent the day watching the birds.  Doug had put out some birdseed at the cellar door under the deck.  She was fascinated.

I was planning to sew today.  I’m making a night-shirt, robe and tunic.  Instead, I found another pair of jeans that need alteration.  I liked this little cat for them.  I thought it was right.

First Day Out

March 9, 2009

With the beautiful weather, we felt it was time for Olive to venture outside.  We left the screens open at little cat width and before long she tried the great outdoors.  She was very nervous and never left the deck.  She went in and out several times, but only for a few minutes each time.p1010994

Zip, on the other hand, had a great time.  It was so very nice not to have snow squishing between his toes with every step.p1010996

He checked the neighbor’s shed.  He can’t resist an open door.




Remember last Tuesday?p1010955




Check it out now.p1010987

I Had to Go

March 5, 2009

I’m in Reisterstown for  few days.  Sometimes, you just have to check on things.  My son called, so here I am.  I hadn’t seen my daughter for  while.  I haven’t been doing nothing much.  It snowed here, too.  It’s odd how you expect it to be different for some reason.  I managed to take a few pictures.

030509-008Here’s the creek on Tuesday morning before I left.  It was still very cold, but the sun was bright and there was much wind.     One of the roads that I usually take had not been plowed so I had to take state routes.  I probably could have taken the other road, but I didn’t want to get stuck.  I’m too old and creaky.


Here’s Biscuit, my son’s kitty.  She’s adorable.  She likes to look outside, but has never gone outside.  You can leave the door open and she’ll look out, but that’s about it.


We’re going to the Dutch Market tomorrow, so I may not be back until Friday.  I’ve gotten some work done on my socks, but not as much as I would like.

Stupid Snow

January 28, 2009





















I’m making ham and bean soup so this is it for today.

Nowhere to Go

November 22, 2008

Poor Paul is having major computer problems at work so we aren’t going out this evening.  I’m glad I have never had any desire to own my own business.  I put in nine hours a day and went home.

So anyway—It snowed today—twice! 


The kids went out to play for a while, but they soon returned.


Open the door!  You stupid human!


Please!  Please, let me in.  I’ve been out here for hours and days and weeks.  Please. 


Michael had a good time.

It’s Snowing

February 21, 2008
Snow started to fall about two hours ago. Maude and Zip went out and played on the deck for a while. Now, they are both asleep. It’s a typical light snow with less than an inch so far–just the right amount for silly kitties. Gus thinks they are nuts. He goes out and barks at them. They run by and swat him on the legs. He just mumbles and comes back in.

I got a nice note from Ellen in Salt Lake City. She made my entrelac hat pattern. Here’s a picture.

She had nothing but good things to say about my pattern. I’m so happy!

I have finished the thumb increases on the first glove and I’m ready to start the main part of the second mitten. I want to get these done as quickly as possible so I can make something BIG.

I really should spend more time on sprucing up my blog. I look at other blogs and see all kinds of things that I could do, but once I am done with my blog , I’m ready to get up and do something else. One of these days I’ll make myself do it.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008
I figured everyone else is saying it so I might as well say it too. Don’t get me wrong. I do like hearts and chocolate but I don’t need a special day to enjoy them. I like to put hearts on clothing. Last year I embroidered a big Happy Valentine’s Day on a shirt for my daughter. I also did conversation hearts on a blouse for her that she could where to work. It made her happy and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

I put these hearts on a plain, but very comfy shirt a while back. Just this little cluster of hearts made it nice enough to wear out. Socially acceptable and comfy, too. What more can you ask?

We had some snow last night. I managed to get around some ice in my driveway, but there were still some places in the road. By the time that I got to the hill, I was so tense that I didn’t even attempt it. I turned around and came home. I believe I have mentioned that I am a big chicken when it comes to snow and ice. Why don’t I move further south, you say? Well, when you don’t have to get up and go to work, what difference does it make? You just wait it out. An inch or two is all we ever get here anyway. And my family is only two hours away.

Mitten update. It’s a good thing this is a multicolored mitten. Zippo had some for dinner last night.

Not Yet!

January 26, 2008
I made a little scarf out of the a little bit of yarn that was left. I wanted to fringe it, but I didn’t have enough. It’s long enough to tie around my neck.

I spent hours trying to decide on what to put on my daughter’s sweatshirt. It’s a nice soft fleece with a V neck in a dark pink. It was suppertime when I finished one of the designs so the other will have to wait until tomorrow. I had promised Doug that I would make hamburgers with mushroom and onion gravy. He really likes it. I’m not a gravy person. I always make mashed potatoes and peas with it. He tried to make rice one time, but I still made mashed potatoes. I’m not saying I don’t like rice. I really do like rice, just not with this dish. Some things you just do not change.

I stayed in all day today. The road looked clear, not not our driveway. When Doug came back, he said the snow was icy. There was several car slides on the little bridge last night and this morning, but no crunches. The telephone poles along there get replaced about once a year.

See the little bridge on the right? There is a sharp curve before and after. This picture was taken earlier in the week.

I have been thinking about making a Whipple to go with the purple and pink hat and gloves. I think I saw one in Knitty, but I can always wing it. And that will be it for accessories for a while. They are starting to make me crazy. Next up. Baby gifts!

No awards yet. But I have been thinking about it. In the meantime, here’s a cat picture.