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Little Flo

May 31, 2010

Last week, she was gone for 48 hours.  Doug and I were devastated.  She is a personality plus kitty.  I keep telling her she is just a little tabby cat and of little import so she decided to go for a walk.  Little brat.  A male cat had been coming around and managed to herd her away.  She is a very friendly cat and if the other cat’s owner did something like offer her some milk, she would have walked right in.  She also likes to help the neighbor take in her groceries.  If the other people tried to keep her in, they probably let her out because she drove them crazy.  When she came home, she was so happy.  She ran around the yard playing with the other cats, even Dot whom she hates, but that’s another story.  Later, she played with Skunky for a long time.  She went to bed early and got up late. 

Yeah. I Know.

May 30, 2010

It has been so beautiful all week.  By the time I was ready to blog, I was too tired to think. 

My daughter came by last Sunday afternoon and brought me this great gift.  It’s a bird house by Jim Shore, but I have no intention to hang it outside.  My son-in-law had taken his ’67 Camaro to Cruising Ocean City.

I’ve been working on this sweater all week.  I took this picture this afternoon.  It’s finally starting to look like something. 

Well, I gotta go.  Hell  Boy II is on.  Maybe I’ll talk about Dot next time or why Flo is making us crazy.

Finished Hopscotch Socks

May 24, 2010

Another great pair of socks!  Six down.  Six to go.  I finished these on Saturday.  I had hoped to finish them sooner, but the weather has been so great.  I’ve been planting flowers.  I have eight hanging baskets on my deck and six other planters to fill.  All the colors of flowers make me feel so good.  I still have three pots to fill and several Impatiens which I scatter around. 

Dot says the flowers smell really nice.

I started the February Lady Sweater on Sunday.  It’s pretty boring and mindless so far, but if I can live through the yoke, I’ll be OK.  I hope that the author is correct on the yardage.  I have about 300 more yards than needed and I want to make the sleeves longer.  I don’t want to be disappointed.  I originally wanted to make a Louisa Harding sweater, but the yarn was inappropriate.  The yarn I’m using is at least fifteen years old that I bought because Doug liked it.  And now, I am finally getting around to knitting something with it.  Don’t listen to your husband while looking at yarn.


May 22, 2010


These two don’t like me sitting on the pier.  They have a nest underneath.  At least they have stopped dive-bombing me.

Here are the babies on the firstday after the rain.  They were having such a good time.

Second Day of Rain

May 18, 2010

I really don’t mind.  We needed a good soaking rain.  It has been looking like summer in California where it didn’t rain at all.  There was a heavy rain one day the first summer I lived there.  People talked about it for a good year afterward.  They may have talked longer.  I had left my husband by then and returned to sanity.  It’s not that I didn’t like California.  It was my husband that I didn’t like.

  These are the Hopscotch socks from Think Outside the Sox.  This pattern was easy to remember so it knitted quickly.  I used my favorite heel flap which I used in my Red White and Blue socks.  I did not like the K2tog, yo at the toes so I redid it plain.  Also, mine are a bit shorter.  These are for summer and I would have made them even shorter if I had thought about it earlier.  I used Panda Silk from Crystal Palace.  The yarn is light and wonderfully soft.  I would definitely buy it again. 

I’m hoping to start my sweater by the weekend.

Red White and Blue Socks

May 16, 2010


I made these in less than a week.   Panda Cotton was a good choice.  We went for pizza this evening and they were very comfortable.  It’s Armed Forces Day so I had a good reason to wear them.  When I get a few other things finished, I’m going to make them in wool.

Here’s my next sweater.  I need 1350 yards and I’ve got 1632 which is good because the pattern has 3/4 sleeves and I want them full length.  But, I have to make yellow socks first.  I had a heck of a time trying to decide which pattern to use.  I found so many patterns that I want to make.  I think I could spend years just knitting socks. 

I love sitting on my deck.  I love living here.  The weather has been so perfect the last couple days.  What more do I want?

Well, I’m Confused

May 13, 2010

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees.  Today, it’s 60.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 80 again.  No wonder my head feels like it is about to explode.  I really hate this.  Where’s a good snot vampire when you need one?

If there is anything decent on TV tonight, my red white and blue socks will be finished.  Picture tomorrow.  Maybe.  I have decided on the yellow Panda Silk for my next pair of socks.  Now, I have to decide on the pattern.  I pulled out no less than six sock books and spent two hours pouring over them and I still have yet to make up my mind.  I do know what sweater I am going to make and the pattern.  I’m happy about that.  In the meantime, here is something new to look at.

Socks and Sweaters

May 13, 2010

My red white and blue socks should be finished in another day or two.  I really like them.  I should write down the changes(improvements?) before too long.  It depends on the weather.

 I want to make another pair of cotton socks next.  I’ve got five skeins of Sockotta and some Pannda Silk in yellow.  I have to make up my mind!

The panda Silk is yellow and very soft, but I’ve never made socks with it.  I’m very familiar with Sockotta.  After I took this picture, I realized I had another skein in red, yellow and blue.  Even after I make my decision, I have to decide on the pattern.  And I just bought Think Outside the Socks.  Do you have any idea how many I want to make in that book?

After the socks, it’s time for another sweater.  I have a three drawer plastic storage cabinet in my bedroom.  We keep the telephone on it.  Each drawer contains a sweater’s worth of yarn.  I’m going to make these next.  I’m not going to go into the yarn room for any yarn.  I hope.

Colder Today

May 10, 2010

And windy.  I had to wear a sweatshirt on my walk.  The river was really choppy and the wind was so forceful I was concerned about making it back.  There’s no railing.

I finished these last Monday.

I started these on Tuesday.  It was a free Pattern from Red Bird Knits.

Sunday at Sheep and Wool

May 8, 2010

My brother and sister-in-law picked me around 7:45.  We got there half an hour later.  First stop was to look at plants.  We have had good success in the past.  Since we were parked so close, my brother walked our purchases back to the van.  We went on up the hill, then down to the barns.  There were some venders that I never looked into on Saturday.  Socks That Rock was one, but I didn’t see anything.   We bought things like dog and cat snacks, soap and maple syrup.

I bought fingering yarn for more Coraline gloves from Shelridge Farm.  I really like their yarn and was very happy to find the colors I wanted.  (I forgot to take a picture.) Then I stopped at Miss Babs and found the Squash Blossom.  The yellow-gold was irresistable.  Lastly, I wanted a circular needle from Signature Arts Needles .  I am happy to say that they had the size I wanted.  I bought double points too.

Next, thoughts on my next sweater and more socks on my needles.