Second Day of Rain

I really don’t mind.  We needed a good soaking rain.  It has been looking like summer in California where it didn’t rain at all.  There was a heavy rain one day the first summer I lived there.  People talked about it for a good year afterward.  They may have talked longer.  I had left my husband by then and returned to sanity.  It’s not that I didn’t like California.  It was my husband that I didn’t like.

  These are the Hopscotch socks from Think Outside the Sox.  This pattern was easy to remember so it knitted quickly.  I used my favorite heel flap which I used in my Red White and Blue socks.  I did not like the K2tog, yo at the toes so I redid it plain.  Also, mine are a bit shorter.  These are for summer and I would have made them even shorter if I had thought about it earlier.  I used Panda Silk from Crystal Palace.  The yarn is light and wonderfully soft.  I would definitely buy it again. 

I’m hoping to start my sweater by the weekend.

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  1. Betty Says:

    Love those buttery looking socks and the cat it is sitting on. Hee-hee!!!

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