Red White and Blue Socks


I made these in less than a week.   Panda Cotton was a good choice.  We went for pizza this evening and they were very comfortable.  It’s Armed Forces Day so I had a good reason to wear them.  When I get a few other things finished, I’m going to make them in wool.

Here’s my next sweater.  I need 1350 yards and I’ve got 1632 which is good because the pattern has 3/4 sleeves and I want them full length.  But, I have to make yellow socks first.  I had a heck of a time trying to decide which pattern to use.  I found so many patterns that I want to make.  I think I could spend years just knitting socks. 

I love sitting on my deck.  I love living here.  The weather has been so perfect the last couple days.  What more do I want?


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