Well, I’m Confused

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees.  Today, it’s 60.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 80 again.  No wonder my head feels like it is about to explode.  I really hate this.  Where’s a good snot vampire when you need one?

If there is anything decent on TV tonight, my red white and blue socks will be finished.  Picture tomorrow.  Maybe.  I have decided on the yellow Panda Silk for my next pair of socks.  Now, I have to decide on the pattern.  I pulled out no less than six sock books and spent two hours pouring over them and I still have yet to make up my mind.  I do know what sweater I am going to make and the pattern.  I’m happy about that.  In the meantime, here is something new to look at.

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  1. Victoria Says:

    Last meeting I decided to make a hat to match my scarf! i’m going to use a combination of the green yarn i have and some white yarn of the same brand.

    i found a pattern in the “60 Quick Knits” book, #19. Maria said you have her copy of that book. She told me to request that you make a copy of that pattern and bring it for me… if you have time to do that before meeting tomorrow, great, if not, i already kinda wrote down the pattern.

    I’m starting on the circular needle that i already have, but i think i need DPN’s for the top, like i did last time. i want to get a set online, but i need some help picking them out. i wanted to have some for this meeting so i could do the hat, but completely forgot about it until now. will you have any with you tomorrow? my circular needle is a 7.

    also, we estimated wrong on those earflaps… i undid the start and couldn’t quite get it right. i’ll bring the model hat tomorrow too!

    see you then!!


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