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Still Sewing

March 24, 2013

P1050376  March.

April.  P1050382

P1050369  Eggplant.

Avacado.  P1050385

Don’t ask.


I’ve been in Sew Mode

March 21, 2013

It happens.  Sometimes I just feel like sewing.  I had little pieces of Peanut Christmas left so I sewed them together and made this.


I backed it with a freebie panel and I can use it year round.  Now Cora can sleep in the chair undisturbed.


About time, you stupid human.DSCF1190


Roselein Hat in Sock Yarn Studio

March 10, 2013

I’ve been wanting to make an earflap hat for my morning walks. I came upon this pattern about the same time that my sock club came in the mail. I figured it was meant to be. I have plenty of other sock yarns with which I can knit those socks. As a matter of fact, I promised my daughter a pair so there you go.

P1050340  Here is the first completed ear flap.  I should have read the instructions more closely.  The I-cord was made separately and I prefer to have as little sewing and as few pieces as possible.  On the second earflap, I started with the I-cord.  I also made it with three stitches rather than two and it is several inches long in order to tie under my chin.  When the cord was long enough, I cast on additional  stitches and worked the earflap.  Also, I left it on a needle rather than bind off.  I knitted it directly onto the cap.  Two less stitches to weave in. 

P1050347  The cap is eight stitches wider to accommodate my big head.  I also like the way the colors patterned on the ear flaps and cap.

P1050348  Even with the additional stitches, it was easy to decrease and still have this pretty pattern on the top.  It’s a shame that it isn’t shown in the book .   Chart C  is incorrect.  The first and last stitch on rows four and five should be deleted.  On the Stitch Key, the left cross is backwards, or is it the other way around.  This is the only pattern I’ve used so far in this book.  I hope that it is not an indication of the way the rest of the book has been written.  An editor that knits would have found these.


Back to the Soup

March 8, 2013

I got a nice ham hock at the market last week, so naturally, I wanted to make soup.  I bought a bag of soup beans and sort of followed the instructions on the back.  I added more onion and garlic and tomatoes than called for, and added about a cup of baby carrots sliced lengthwise.  I cooked it until the meat fell off the bone.  I removed the bones and as much fat as possible and shredded the larger pieces of ham.  It turned out great.

P1050334   I hadn’t made any socks lately, so I made these.   Purple and brown isn’t something that I would normally choose, but the little flacks of many colors were very intriguing.  I can’t find the label.  It probably fell behind the rolling carts in my long closet.  The cats like to rummage around in there and I had the yarn sitting out.  I know the yarn company,  I’ve made socks with their yarn before.  It consists of four letters that I can never remember, but easily recognise. The yarn is quite sturdy, but still comfortable on my feet.  I really like the way they look on my feet.  The pattern is Mona from ‘knit. sock. love’ by Cookie A.  I used the eye of partridge on the heel and made a rounded toe.  I love the yarn.  I love the pattern.  I’m happy.

A Good Day for Soup

March 6, 2013

P1050358   Looking out my window while trying to blog.

The rain started last night and it’s still going strong this afternoon.  My old friend says Baltimore and DC are closed.  I wonder.  Is he and his bud out playing in the snow?  (Insert hysterical laughter here).  I am so glad I live on this side of the bridge. 

So, I’ve been cooking.  I found some strawberries yesterday that didn’t look too violated.  And I thought, ‘pound cake would be nice with them’.

P1050350  Perfection!  A nice crust on the outside and smooth as butter inside.

After a taste test,  I cut it into thirds and froze two of them.  You didn’t think two people were going to eat all that in a couple of days, did you?  Be right back.  It’s time for cake and strawberries.

Snow? What Snow?

March 3, 2013


Is It Spring Yet?

March 2, 2013

I’ve been grumpy for weeks now.  And, well, it’s just not a good idea for me to blog when I’m like that. 

After several bad choices, I believe we have finally been able to hang the bird feeder and suet where the squirrels can’t reach, but we can still fill them.  Sweetums attached a bracket to the deck railing and put a long metal pipe through it.  I can hang the feeder on the hook on the end of the pipe and then, push it out far enough that the squirrels can’t jump to it.  (Here I am doing a happy dance.  Would that I could with these knees.)  There is one problem.  It is almost impossible to get any pictures without disturbing the birds.  But I have enjoyed watching a large variety of birds. 

And so have the girls.P1050333

Finding a place for the suet was easy.  There was a hanging basket at the kitchen window when we bought the house.P1050318

Flo likes to sit in the sink and ‘talk’ to them.