Roselein Hat in Sock Yarn Studio

I’ve been wanting to make an earflap hat for my morning walks. I came upon this pattern about the same time that my sock club came in the mail. I figured it was meant to be. I have plenty of other sock yarns with which I can knit those socks. As a matter of fact, I promised my daughter a pair so there you go.

P1050340  Here is the first completed ear flap.  I should have read the instructions more closely.  The I-cord was made separately and I prefer to have as little sewing and as few pieces as possible.  On the second earflap, I started with the I-cord.  I also made it with three stitches rather than two and it is several inches long in order to tie under my chin.  When the cord was long enough, I cast on additional  stitches and worked the earflap.  Also, I left it on a needle rather than bind off.  I knitted it directly onto the cap.  Two less stitches to weave in. 

P1050347  The cap is eight stitches wider to accommodate my big head.  I also like the way the colors patterned on the ear flaps and cap.

P1050348  Even with the additional stitches, it was easy to decrease and still have this pretty pattern on the top.  It’s a shame that it isn’t shown in the book .   Chart C  is incorrect.  The first and last stitch on rows four and five should be deleted.  On the Stitch Key, the left cross is backwards, or is it the other way around.  This is the only pattern I’ve used so far in this book.  I hope that it is not an indication of the way the rest of the book has been written.  An editor that knits would have found these.


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2 Responses to “Roselein Hat in Sock Yarn Studio”

  1. jenyjenny Says:

    Gorgeous! I have this book… I tried the Poppy Beret on p. 65 and it did not turn out well. I blame myself because I am not a very experienced knitter.

    What yarn did you use on this gorgeous earflap?

    • frivolousfluffy Says:

      Hi jennyjenny. I was planning on making the Poppy Beret. After reading through the pattern stitch, I will definitely make a swatch first. Currently, I’m making an Icelandic cardigan at home and a fairly simple shawl when I’m out and about. Tell me, how was it for size? This is always a concern for me with my 23″ head.
      The yarn I used was Portland Plaid from Socks That Rock. I joined their sock club and I believe they don’t make them available for a few months. They have lots of great colorways so you might find something else you like. Their booth at MD Sheep & Wool is always packed. Last year, I didn’t look in until Sunday.

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