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Going to Loews

December 31, 2010

This store fascinates me.  I never seem to find what I want.  OK. I am rather particular.  I can see in my mind’s eye exactly what I want and I try to find something close, but I just can’t do it.  And, unfortunately, I think it’s rubbing off on Sweetums.  Poor baby.  So we looked at washing machines, gas cooktops and electric ovens.  I actually did find a washing machine that does just about everything that I want it to do.  There was a whole aisle of front loaders so I went to the next one.  I don’t see how a fiber person can put up with those things.  They seem to have more top loaders than last time and I saw more with a warm rinse.  I also require a variety of cycles.  I found a Maytag that would do and it wasn’t even the most expensive.  When the time comes, I’ll get it and whatever dryer goes with it.  I don’t use dryers that much anyway.  Now that we have propane, I can get a gas dryer.  Yeah!  The new set will have to go on the main floor or, at least, the garage, so that I can have easy access.  I have to wait for Sweetums to decide where. 

I invariably find something I can use.  This time it was clear plastic storage boxes.  I like the way the tops close, the size, the indented handles, the stackability(is that a word?), and the price.  They were $3.  What’s not to like?  I bought eight.  And, the next day, I went back and bought eight more.   Of course, now I have to fill them.  Ugh.  I think I’ll drag out the cardboard boxes and dump everything on the dining room table.  Anyone care to help?  You will be rewarded.  Who knows what untold treasures lie within?

The Best Christmas Present EVER!

December 29, 2010

What do you get a man who has simple desires and doesn’t really need anything that he can’t get himself?  You ask him.  It’s the way to go.   Basically, he gets something that he would like, but wouldn’t go out and buy for himself.

In case you’re wondering, his name is Rue.  In keeping with our tradition of naming our pets after dead relatives(there are a lot to choose from when you are as old as us), he is named after Sweetums’ father.   

Going out and buying a pedigreed kitten was a bit hard for me. My other pets are from shelters or were homeless.  It’s the way I am.  My husband had been wanting a Ragdoll for a long time.  What else could I do?  I found a cattery about two hours away.  They had several kittens born in October.  They would be ready for Christmas.  They sent me pictures.  I sent them a deposit.  Sweetums wanted the one with the grey ears and tail.  I drove there to have a look and also decided that he was the one.  I picked him up the week before Christmas.  I went alone both times in order to preserve some element of surprise. 

Some of you are probably thinking that we have too many pets.  But, why not?  We have the room.  We have the time.  We love animals.  We can afford to take proper care of them.  We are very happy in our home and they make it even happier.

Side Slip Cloche from Boutique Knits

December 22, 2010

I have been wanting to make a hat and gloves to go with my Stars sweater.   There was A LOT of yellow left and a little of most of the others. The pattern in the kit that I bought was not the Stars that I made and had a lot of yellow in it.  So I have a yellow hat. 

I decided on this pattern for my hat because it came down over the ears and would not be that hard to alter.  It said 22″ head and I am 23″ unless I have a headache, then I would swear it blows up to at least 25″.  That includes sinus headaches. 

The band is made first and sewn together at a right angle.  I did this and gave it a good look.  Even though I went ahead and picked up stitches for the crown and knit about 4″, I am still not certain that I like it.  Maybe I’ll like it better when it is finished.  I can always change it.  It isn’t mentioned in the pattern, but I made the first and last stitches the same as mitres or most side seams.  I knit the first stitch in the back loop and slipped the last stitch with the yarn in front.  It looks so much better.

I picked up about 20 more stitches for the crown than the pattern called for.  And I also plan to knit an extra 1/2″ or 1″.  I’ll have to change the decreases, but that’s all right.  I’m used to fiddling with things.

Why Do I Bother?

December 21, 2010

I was hoping that the girls had matured enough not to climb the tree.  Well, forget that.  The oldest was up in it within ten minutes.  Not that it really matters.  Only one row  of lights works anymore and some of the branches are broken down.  This thing is definitely going in the trash after Christmas.  All ready, I am beginning to forget what my good ornaments look like.  Sweetums was talking about getting another after Christmas.  I wonder when we will be able to use it.  Especially since he got………

I think I will go insane.

Getting Ready to go for a Walk

December 16, 2010

It was 19 degrees when I got up.  By the time I was finally ready to go, it was up to 25.  I don’t think it’s been up to freezing the last few days.   I got out a turtleneck, sweatshirt and jeans.  After I was dressed, I realized I should put on my silk long johns.  Off comes my jeans and my handknit double-knit socks.  I started to pull up the long johns and they caught on my poor too-dry skin.  Out comes the body cream.  Now my long johns are kind of stuck to my legs.  Then I decide that my heels  feel awful so they get lathered with foot gunk.  Well, I can’t possibly put on my nice handmade wool double-knit socks now, can I?  I dug out a pair of my old Orton socks.  While I had the body cream out, I figured I might as well do my arms, so off comes the turtleneck and sweatshirt.  Half an hour later, I’m finally ready to go.  By this time, Sweetums has fallen asleep and the dog has died from utter frustration, but I drag them out anyway.  I sure as shit wasn’t going to let all this preparation go to waste.

There was no wind so we walked down to the river.  I was able to sit out on the pier for several minutes.  It was so beautiful  and so wondrously quiet.  The sky was completely overcast.  It looked and felt like snow was coming.  We saw the first flakes while we were walking back and now we have about an inch on the ground. 


Today’s lesson:  As the outside temperature decreases, the number of pee balls in the litter pan increases.

I’ve made decent progress on my hat, although, I am not certain in what direction.  I’m just letting it talk to me.  I hope it knows what it is talking about.

So I Went to the Doctor

December 14, 2010

And guess what?  I have a sinus infection.  Whoopee shit.  So what else is new.  I got a prescription.  Doctor asked if I had a flu shot.  I said no.  He asked if I wanted one.  I said no.  He asked if I had the flu.  I said I’ve never had the flu or a flu shot.  He told me to drink plenty of fluids and eat yogurt twice a day.  There was no, “You should have a flu shot!”  in a condescending tone.  This guy is kind of cool for a man doctor.  And I was good.  I didn’t ask how to drink something that is not a fluid. 

Well, I lied.  I didn’t start a hat to match my sweater, but I have an excuse.  I decided to make the hat on the cover of Boutique Knits.  It calls for size 5 needles which I don’t have in Signature  Art Needles.  I ordered 5’s and 6’s and the holder for DPNs.  So anyway, I’m making a mitered hat with my left-over orange and green yarn from socks.  I was about a third along when I decided to make the shawls.  Now, I’ve changed my mind.  Instead of starting at the band, I’m starting at the top and working down.  It’s so much more interesting.

3/4ths a Headache

December 14, 2010

I don’t have half a headache or a whole headache.  It’s definitely 3/4ths.  Once again my sinuses are full of green goop that I could use to seal any cracks that there might be in the concrete.  It has put me in the loveliest of moods.  So after a couple of weeks of this, I called the GP for an appointment for tomorrow.  I had all ready decided that it was time to do some shopping.  I was hoping that the smow flurries would keep some people home.  I probably should have stayed home and called that radiology place in PA (the x-ray was done locally) and explain to them that they charged my insurance twice and I am not about to pay them $7 just because they are idiots and can’t read.  Going shopping and being nice to sales people seemed like more of a challenge. 

I headed over to Rehoboth and the outlets.  I thought about the yarn shop there and then remembered that I have been there twice and never bought anything.  When I go to a yarn shop, I like to buy something, especially around here.  They are too few and far between.  Both times I could find nothing that I was the least bit interested in.  I decided not to try again.  I didn’t want to get depressed too. 

My first stop was the Fossil store.  I hate this place.  I always buy something.  And they had several great looking handbags at half price.  All I wanted was a wallet for my daughter.  I found a wallet, wristlet and coin purse in red leather with little circles sewn on them so I got all three.  I also bought two handbags.  I’ll probably give her one for her birthday.  It’s in February and who wants to shop then.

Next, I stopped at a gift shop that always has lots of unique things.  I didn’t have much luck this year and I only found a Christmas ornament and a pin.  By this time, I was getting hungry and I really had to pee.   I stopped at a place that had a nice restroom so I figured I might as well eat there, too.  I got a chicken BLT.  It wasn’t bad, but everything was piled in the middle and I had to rearrange it.  It also had cheese and pickles on it which I thought was strange.  The pickles were really good which was a surprise.  I ate them separately.  The tomatoes had to be removed.  I think they were made out of styrofoam.  You’d think I would learn after all these years.  They also had good coleslaw so I forgave them for the other stuff.

  Here’s my third shawl.  I put that pattern to good use.  I have decided to make a hat and gloves to go with my stars sweater next.  I have a lot of the yellow left.  Maybe I’ll make a scarf, too.  I don’t know.  Scarves can get boring.

I’m Trying to Finish the Shawls

December 12, 2010

I should have had them both finished a week ago.  Instead I found two more skeins of the yarn–blue and light aqua.  What do I do?  Add it on, of course.  I had finished the blue one so I had to undo the bind-off.  I managed to do this without losing any stitches.  Then, when I was knitting along, I forgot about stopping to check on how much was left.  I found myself having to unknit two rows and wasting an hour.  Bummer. 

See the light edge.  I am not sure that I like it, but it’s staying.  I have used up all of this yarn which was my main objective.  I think that this was the best use for this yarn.  It would not have made a very good garment.  It does wash and iron nicely–always good for gifts.  I forgot to take a picture of the blue one.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m not promising.

Ice on the Creek

December 9, 2010

It was 21 degrees when I got up this morning.  Except for one small corner, the creek was completely covered in ice.  The geese were not happy and left deposits on everyone’s lawn.  I had to break down and wear a coat this morning.  A turtleneck, corduroy shirt and heavy sweater weren’t doing the job.  My having to wear a coat on my walk means that winter has come to Lower Slower Delaware.  It was very beautiful sitting out on the pier on the river.  There wasn’t much wind so I didn’t freeze over.  I was also treated to a small tug pushing a barge with an enormous pile of sand.  It came very close to the pier. 

Flo kept running in and out, trying to find the door into summer.  She finally gave up and proceeded to get into as much trouble as possible.  Of course, she said she didn’t do it, but I have proof.

Maybe I should knit her a body suit.  It would have to cover her ears and tail, but leave a place open to pee.  She prefers to go outside and will go in the sink if we are not fast enough.  This cat is such a pain in the butt, it’s a wonder that I keep her.  She’s just a little tabby cat.

Trying to Organize

December 3, 2010

I was only looking for one piece of paper.  And everything sort of just mushroomed.  I knew that what I was searching was in a particular tote bag.  I found the paper and so much more.  There were an awful lot of  patterns  in there and A LOT of loose needles.  The patterns didn’t bother me.  It was the needles.  I started searching for needles everywhere.  And, now, two days later, I am finally getting them organized.  But, you know, in the back of my mind, I know there are more lurking somewhere, waiting to appear at the least inopportune moment. 

Sweetums is so proud of himself.  He has been able to get the Christmas cactus to bloom again.  I had to show it.