Ice on the Creek

It was 21 degrees when I got up this morning.  Except for one small corner, the creek was completely covered in ice.  The geese were not happy and left deposits on everyone’s lawn.  I had to break down and wear a coat this morning.  A turtleneck, corduroy shirt and heavy sweater weren’t doing the job.  My having to wear a coat on my walk means that winter has come to Lower Slower Delaware.  It was very beautiful sitting out on the pier on the river.  There wasn’t much wind so I didn’t freeze over.  I was also treated to a small tug pushing a barge with an enormous pile of sand.  It came very close to the pier. 

Flo kept running in and out, trying to find the door into summer.  She finally gave up and proceeded to get into as much trouble as possible.  Of course, she said she didn’t do it, but I have proof.

Maybe I should knit her a body suit.  It would have to cover her ears and tail, but leave a place open to pee.  She prefers to go outside and will go in the sink if we are not fast enough.  This cat is such a pain in the butt, it’s a wonder that I keep her.  She’s just a little tabby cat.

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