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Ice on the Creek

December 9, 2010

It was 21 degrees when I got up this morning.  Except for one small corner, the creek was completely covered in ice.  The geese were not happy and left deposits on everyone’s lawn.  I had to break down and wear a coat this morning.  A turtleneck, corduroy shirt and heavy sweater weren’t doing the job.  My having to wear a coat on my walk means that winter has come to Lower Slower Delaware.  It was very beautiful sitting out on the pier on the river.  There wasn’t much wind so I didn’t freeze over.  I was also treated to a small tug pushing a barge with an enormous pile of sand.  It came very close to the pier. 

Flo kept running in and out, trying to find the door into summer.  She finally gave up and proceeded to get into as much trouble as possible.  Of course, she said she didn’t do it, but I have proof.

Maybe I should knit her a body suit.  It would have to cover her ears and tail, but leave a place open to pee.  She prefers to go outside and will go in the sink if we are not fast enough.  This cat is such a pain in the butt, it’s a wonder that I keep her.  She’s just a little tabby cat.

It’s Over

November 28, 2008

Well, almost.  We were too full for pie.  I think my son is getting a cold.  He went to bed after dinner.  We can always have pie for breakfast.


Zip wanted everyone to see his new fur coat.  No animals were killed in making this coat.  Well, maybe a few lizards and snakes and those tasty little voles.

Another Quickie

October 17, 2008

Yesterday I wanted to turn on the air conditioning.  Today, I want to put on the heat. 

We’re hanging with the neighbors tonight, so this is all there is for today.

Tomato Soup

January 16, 2008
I was a little depressed last night so I had tomato soup for supper. I gave Doug the left over stir fry. That was good stir fry, but the tomato soup made me feel better. A fried cheese sandwich would have been nice to dunk in it, but I didn’t want that much. It all started when someone down the street handed out fliers about a neighborhood association. It really was about his peeves about everyone. It went beyond ridiculous. It got to me. After a while I realized that I was being ridiculous and gave myself a good talking to. However, I will be glad when Linda returns to hear her rant.

It is really cold today (mid 30’s). I almost turned back on our morning walk, but the wind stopped and I went on. I did look good though. My new hat and gloves looks great with my purple and black sweater. I should make that sweater again. I should also take a picture of it.

Look at the way the little finger patterned. I could not have done that intentionally if I tried.

What’s New, Pussycat

January 13, 2008
It was on PBS last night. I hadn’t seen it in many years. It was funnier than I remembered. What were you doing when it first came out? Wait a minute. Were you even alive? I forget sometimes how old I am. I was married to a man who was trying to drive me insane. He did like movies so I probably saw it with him. Anyway, I know what happened with the male actors, but not the females. There were four that looked familiar. I recognized their names, but I have no idea what happened to them. I will have to look them up. Ah, research! What did I do before I had a computer?

I am a bit pookie today. My cold is still there and i am not happy. I know I don’t have bronchitis. Been there. Done that. I just wish it would go away. We rode down to the supermarket in Laurel. They carry the tuna the cats like and we got some treats for Elvis. How do you spend $100 when you feel like a zombie? I bought some bananas and grapes. I almost bought oranges before realizing that I still had some.

Maude took my advice and went to bed at 8PM last night. Zippo had to find other accommodations.

He was still mad this morning.

Cold and Rainy Day

December 30, 2007

It’s cold and raining and I still have a cold. I did finish a pair of gloves. I have to think about a hat to go with them. And that’s just it. I can’t think. I set up my new sewing machine and started sewing. I had to stop and move my chair over. The bed really is that much longer. I want to make a little table runner with it, but standing and cutting out little pieces of fabric makes me dizzy. I did manage to start some bean soup with leftover ham. Doug helped and the animals enjoyed fatty ham treats, especially Elvis. He can get really loud. It’s because he can’t hear myself anymore. It’s good to see him hanging out with the others.

The Thing!

December 15, 2007

It’s a lot colder today. My shoulder was killing me when I got up and my left knee wouldn’t work. I did go for a walk, but it was short. There was no wind so I got out my heavy sweater coat. It was made with two strands of bulky yarn and tightly knit. It’s heavy and bulky, and very warm. It’s good for standing out in the cold and cat bedding and that’s about it. I don’t think I could even drive in the thing. And don’t even ask to see a picture of the thing. You don’t want to see me in it. It is not a pretty sight. Now, are you asking why did I made it? Well, I am not going to tell you. I was, but I don’t want the world to know how bitter I can be. It is probably the cold weather today that makes me think this way.

We’re going out with the neighbors for dinner. We usually have dessert at my house. I am thinking about raspberry brownies with cream cheese filling. I should also try to dig out the dining room table so we can play dominoes. Doug spent about three days going through his mother’s old papers looking for his birth certificate. His middle name was misspelled. He isn’t happy. I would also like to finish decorating the tree. We put it up around eleven last night. I never thought that I would have an artificial tree, but the time that I dislocated my left thumb(I’m left handed) changed my thinking.

I’m sewing Jenn’s tunic together so maybe next time I will have a picture. I finally managed to get a good picture of Gus.

Check out the background.

Cold Afternoon

November 2, 2007

kevin-gus-creek-014.jpgThis morning, we went for a walk with the dog as usual.  It was sunny and breezzy and Gus (my dog) was stepping along at a good pace.  He knows how much he can pull me, but today he really wanted to get down to the horse farm.  When we got to the track, we let him go.  There must have been 200 geese in and around the pond in the middle of the track.  I love to see him run like that.  He is so happy and the geese react so well.  Some head for the water and some for the air.  They make quite a racket and carry on for several minutes.  Gus comes running back with such a self satisfied look on his face.  Today, he just had to run around us before sitting for his leash. 

He is a great dog.  I tried to take his picture for you, but he wouldn’t cooperate.  I found an old one taken with Prince, who died last year.  He had been sick for a long time.  Gus would lay perfectly still when Prince lay beside him.  He is a great dog.

It has gotten so cold this afternoon, I have been entertaining thoughts of turning the heat on.  It’s something I hate to do.  When the heat goes on, it is definitely winter—not my favorite season.  Fortunately, I am a knitter and have plenty of sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, etc, etc.  I should bake something, but I did that this morning and I can’t think of a single thing that I want to bake.  Oh, well.  I know Doug will make a nice fire after supper.  I’ll get out my knitting, little Maudie cat will curl up in lap and we will watch mindless TV together.