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Start and Stop Socks AKA Schwabische Socks

September 22, 2013

These socks were aggravating. The Heel Turn and Sole Flap sections were a bit confusing.  If you blindly follow along and do exactly what it says, you should be all right.  I tend to skim which is understandable since I’ve made more socks than I care to think about.  Some things are over-explained to the point that I wanted to scream.  Other times, I found myself saying, “What?”  Where?”  Parts were hard to “see”.  When I read a well written pattern, I see it all developing in my mind’s eye.  I had to put these socks down a few times and do something else.  I also forgot to make the foot narrower, but it’s not too wide.  I’m hoping they feel better after a good wash.

P1050635  See how loose it is .  I could grow two more toes in there.

I couldn’t get myself to make the same sock again.  I had already spent more time on one sock than ordinarily takes me to make two.  I decided to use the foot pattern down the front and back.  I kept the rib pattern throughout and it was enough to make the foot more narrow.  I needed a beer when I was finally finished..

P1050641  Much better.

P1050633  Finished.

Forgotten Socks

September 14, 2013

P1050601  These socks knitted so quickly, I forgot to show them.  Maybe It’s due to the fact that they are a boring color.  What was I thinking?   I guess there are times when boring socks are necessary.  I just haven’t found it yet.  Maybe, I’ll give them to my daughter.  She tends to coordinate.  Where does she get that from?

P1050605  It has a nice pattern down the front that was easy to remember.  It was from Socks That Rock club. 

I doubt that I will be joining the club next year.  Right now, I’m looking at my yarn basket.  It holds the yarn from last four kits and I’m thinking about how much they look similar.  I have not been inspired to knit any of them.  What happened?  As a matter of fact, if I wait until the rest come, I’ll have plenty for a sweater, if you like greens and purples.  They all go together.  At least I got some good patterns out of it.

P1050618  We have broken with tradition and decided to name our motor mouth, Maggie Pie.  I mean.  Does she look like a Donna or a Ruth or a Gloria or a Betty?  They weren’t working for us.  Now.  I did toy with Stella for a while.  I stll have a couple of weeks to decide.

Another Little Quilt

September 9, 2013


This one goes on my island. Now I can set anything on it without damaging its butcher block top. And, of course, it’s cute as can be.


Gus was a little upset that there were no dogs on it.  So I showed him the other side.  He mumbled something about the injustice of it all.


We Were Walking the Dog

September 2, 2013

We were about halfway down the lane when we heard a noise.  At first, we thought it was a bird calling.  We also noticed something black in the road.  A shoe?  We soon realized that the noise was coming from the black shoe and, then, it started to move toward us.  Definitely not a shoe.   The shoe was a kitten.  She let Sweetums pick her up.  She purred and cried at the same time.  Definitely talented.  Sweetums handed me the house keys and the kitten and I took her home and Sweetums and Gus continued down the lane. 

I brought her in and put her on the counter with some kitten chow.  While she ate and purred and hollered, I got out the flea drops and put one on her neck.  She didn’t even notice.  She had fleas and ear mites and she was starving.

P1050612  So now, we have another mouth to feed.  And what a mouth!