Start and Stop Socks AKA Schwabische Socks

These socks were aggravating. The Heel Turn and Sole Flap sections were a bit confusing.  If you blindly follow along and do exactly what it says, you should be all right.  I tend to skim which is understandable since I’ve made more socks than I care to think about.  Some things are over-explained to the point that I wanted to scream.  Other times, I found myself saying, “What?”  Where?”  Parts were hard to “see”.  When I read a well written pattern, I see it all developing in my mind’s eye.  I had to put these socks down a few times and do something else.  I also forgot to make the foot narrower, but it’s not too wide.  I’m hoping they feel better after a good wash.

P1050635  See how loose it is .  I could grow two more toes in there.

I couldn’t get myself to make the same sock again.  I had already spent more time on one sock than ordinarily takes me to make two.  I decided to use the foot pattern down the front and back.  I kept the rib pattern throughout and it was enough to make the foot more narrow.  I needed a beer when I was finally finished..

P1050641  Much better.

P1050633  Finished.

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