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I’m So Lucky

July 25, 2018

I have the best daughter.  Saturday, she came down with her fiancé to get my storage/spare bedroom organized.  I had wire shelves to assemble and plenty of fabric and accessories to fill them. I had one set of shelves assembled when we first bought this house, but that cup ran over a long time ago.  Sweetums had a habit of dumping stuff in there that he never got around to storing properly or throwing away.  And I got into the habit of dumping stuff on the bed.  There was stuff under pillows, comforters, blankets and a coat rack that I needed.  With my bad knees and Sweetums’ bad back, cleaning it out was close to impossible.  Enter my well-organized daughter.

  In five hours, it looked like this.  She brought some storage boxes and vacuum bags and Duke’s label maker.  I honestly believe she had a good time.  Everything is so handy now!  I’m so happy!

Duke brought along some tools.  He fixed the ceiling fan in the living room.  I really missed it.  It helps move air around when I’m cooking.  He also put up a new blind in the storeroom.  The old one was pretty ratty.  It is so nice to have someone who can do these things. I believe I am really going to like having him around.  We called three or four electricians who either said “no” or told us to get a new fan.

And the bed is ready for a guest.  That is if they don’t mind sharing it with Maggie Pi.