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I Understand

December 29, 2013

My sister-in-law says it always takes her a week to get ready for even the shortest trip and another week to recover when she returns. Thar is pretty much how I am beginning to feel. I’ve been home since Friday and I still feel I am way behind in the things that I want to accomplish.

Christmas was nice.  There was breakfast at my daughter’s and the opening of presents.  Then Sweetums went back home to take care of the animals.  In the evening, my son and I did the Jewish thing.  For those of you who don’t know, we went to the movies, then got Chinese.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.  My son he might make reservations somewhere next year, but it really doesn’t matter.  We had fun.  “And what movie did you see?”  Who said that?  Must be the voices in my head again.  It was ‘Frozen’.  If there aren’t any zombie movies out, we go for cartoons.  We’ve also learned not to see shows that start on Christmas day.

I decided not to join the knitting group today.  It’s raining hard and I just don’t feel like going.  It’s not the driving.  It’s trying to maneuver me, my knitting and an umbrella down a long driveway and back.  I could park on the driveway, but I don’t like being boxed in.  And I would still have all that maneuvering.  I can knit in the comfort of my own home.

314601_2682776109943_1272550237_3047098_1956528008_n  Merry Christmas!

Girlfriend Scarf and Short Finger Gloves

December 10, 2013


My grandson said she likes bright colors.  I hope he’s right. 

P1050722  P1050725    A little big for me, but not too big.  The recipient wore them to work today so I guess I won’t be getting them back.  Oh well.  If and when I get caught up, I’ll make a pair for me.  I still have a skein of this.

I Didn’t Realize

December 5, 2013

I was looking through my stats and noticed that it’s been a while.  I thought I should report so you won’t think I’m dead.  I think I’m good for another twenty. 

I have been working away on the quilt.  My machine is tired and in need of a tune up, but my other one does not have the applique stitch I am using.  I am down to the last two blocks.  When they are finished, my baby is going to Westminster for a much needed spa day.  My other machine is better for the final quilting anyway.  I’m getting excited to be so close to finishing.  Besides, I’ve got an enormous pile of sewing that needs to be done. 

Speaking of leftovers…… Who said that?Image    I made turkey potpie.  Only, I don’t make a pie crust.  I make biscuits.  Unbeleivebly good!  So easy.  Leftover turkey, gravy and vegetables.  If you don’t have enough vegies left, canned mixed vegetables work well.  Make the biscuits with just enough milk to hold them together.  Oh.  You don’t make biscuits?  Well, you should.  I’ve never tried the ones in cans.  You will notice that I use an old Corning ware pan.  I put the turkey, vegetables and gravy in the pot on a medium setting.  Stir it up good.  Sometimes I have to add a little water or a little flour.  It should be a little thick.  If it’s too thin, the biscuits will sink too much and be down right yucky.  My oven is set at 400 for about 20 minutes.  The biscuits should be nicely tanned on top.

 Image    Sweetums likes a little butter on the biscuits.  What a lovely picture.  And we have enough left over for tonight.  How can you love a man who doesn’t like leftovers, especially when they are this good?

You know, this is not what I planned to write at all.