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Wood Ducks and Geese

March 30, 2009

It must be Spring.  Our goose has picked her spot and laid her eggs.  She spent the day arranging the nest.  The male has all ready started chasing other geese out of the creek. 

goose and egg

goose and egg

I was very surprised to see wood ducks out in the middle of the afternoon.  I took several pictures from inside.  I went out as quietly as possible and I was able to take a couple more before they saw me and flew off.  There are a few wood duck houses in the neighborhood, but we don’t know if they’ve picked one yet.  Last year, they had at least ten babies in the one in the creek by the island.

duck ducks

duck ducks

 I sat out on the deck for a few hours this afternoon and knit.  I’m back to working on the handbag.  It’s fun and colorful.  Maybe I’ll have a picture tomorrow.  I also finished the fourth nightshirt.

Delmar Pizza

March 28, 2009

We haven’t been here for several weeks.  Lord knows we’ve tried.  This is the place where all of Delmar eats.  The last two times we came, there was no place to park, at least twenty people were waiting and every table and booth was occupied.   It wasn’t bad last night.  When the hostess saw us, she said, “Booth. Right?”  The waitress greeted us with a “Haven’t seen you all for a while.  Is it still four iced teas?”  We asked about the specials.  She can’t remember and dashes off, but she’s back in less than a minute with the specials and our iced tea.  We ordered a cheese steak sub, the flounder special and two seafood Neptune specials.  The seafood consisted of shrimp, scallops, crab-meat and salmon.  The sauce was rich and creamy.  It was unbelievably delicious.  My husband was jealous.  He wished he had gotten it also.  He kept stealing pieces.  The sub and the flounder were very good, also, but the seafood Neptune really won the the prize.  Did I mention that there was so much that we probably have enough left over for both of us? 

I can’t say anything bad about this place.  No one has ever had a bad meal here.  They have a large and varied menu.  And it’s all good!!

Two Down, Two to Go

March 28, 2009

I managed to complete two of my night shirts.  Maybe I will be able to get them all finished by Monday.   Then I can prepare the new fabric.  The brown print is polyester for a long sleeve blouse.  The rest of the fabric I’m not certain what I will do with them.  That’s not right.  The green with watermelon slices will be place-mats.  I forgot to buy ribbon to decorate them.  I’m such an idiot. 

We had to take Doug’s car in to be fixed.  He’s been fooling with it for weeks and he finally gave in.  I hope it’s finished by Monday because I’m leaving on Tuesday.  Win has an interview on Wednesday and he wants me to help him prepare.  Thursday I’m getting my favorite birthday present.  Yeah!  Hopefully, I’ll be back on Friday.

Big Baby

Big Baby

Shopping in Dover

March 27, 2009

I’m glad I went.  I bought the couching foot, some embroidery thread(oranges and purples), a Fassett embroidery CD(75% off) and some poufy stabilizer.  I like to try different things.  Then I bought fabric.  I had a good time.

032609-012  032609-013







I went over to Boscov’s and bought a few kitchen type things.  I’ve been looking at new pots on line so I thought I’d check what’s in the stores.   It was a waste of time.  I did get a neat plastic bowl to put my sewing junk in that I keep by my cutting table so it wasn’t a total lose.  This is what I found when I got home.


Machine Embroidery

March 25, 2009

p1020139I did the last piece this afternoon.  I had trouble getting my name on my shirt and it should have been the easiest part.  Maybe my machine knew it was the last and didn’t want to stop.  Tomorrow, I hope to go to Dover to do some shopping, so I probably won’t get them finished until the weekend. 

I’m having trouble here. I got to go.



Zippo and the Vultures

March 24, 2009

The neighbor called yesterday to tell me Zip was chasing vultures.  Those things were almost as big as him.  What was he thinking?  There was a dead squirrel in the back yard which the vultures were trying to eat.  I grabbed my camera, but Zip was gone by the time I got there. 


I’ve been making good use of my embroidery machine for the last few days.  I hadn’t done any for several months.  I had forgotten how much fun it was.  I put designs on my four nightshirts and on their pockets.  I hope to finish up tomorrow.  And I’m very happy with the way John’s blanket turned out.


Well, I’m not the only one who thinks Old Mill is a waste of money.  The place I like is down near the mouth of the Nanticoke River.  The crabs are caught and cooked that day.  They don’t have regular hours, but they do call you when the crabs are especially plentiful.  They are the best!

Old Mill in Delmar

March 22, 2009

We went to The Old Mill last night, a popular place for all-you-can-eat crabs.  Until mid April, the second entree  is half price.  Even so,  we paid more than we would have elsewhere.  We all ordered dinners.  Doug doesn’t like to pick crabs (he’s from Oklahoma so what does he know) and I prefer to go to Jenn and John’s.  We were informed that they do not have free refills on drinks and that a pitcher would be better.  The pitcher were so small tat we had to buy two.  Two of us ordered crab cakes.  They had plenty of big chunks of crab-meat, but they were small and bland.  I wanted some Worcestershire, but the waitress had disappeared and I was almost finished by the time we found her.   If Ihad made them, they would have tasted much better.   The stuffed chicken and stuffed shrimp were also bland.  The salad, Cole slaw, french fries and baked potato were all good.  They didn’t even have dinner rolls.   Will we be going back?  I doubt it. 

What?  No leftovers?

What? No leftovers?

New Socks

March 20, 2009

These socks only took about two days to knit.  I am so used to knitting socks on zeroes and ones that I felt like I was knitting with pencils.  It didn’t feel right to be knitting socks on size four needles.  Actually, I wish now that I had at least gone down to a size three with this yarn.  It is Fiesta Ballet, 50% baby Alpaca and 50% Tencel.  It feels marvelous.  But, I am not certain that it is appropriate for socks.  Except for a little variance in the ribbing, there was nothing interesting.  I will probably never use this pattern again or will I ever use this yarn for socks.  Come to think of it, I don’t think there is anything I would want to make with this yarn.


Undercover Kitty

March 19, 2009

See this shawl?  I often lay it over my legs on cold evenings.



What’s that sticking out?


Why it’s the undercover kitty!

What Are They Doing?

March 17, 2009

If they waited a couple of hours, they would have only needed rubber boots.  They found what looked like a sawed off shotgun.  I guess I’ll find out Wednesday when the paper comes. 



I decided to make a pair of quickie socks.  I probably would have finished them this afternoon, but my organizational skills went out the window this morning.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  My stomach was upset.  I had dinner at Olive Garden with some girlfriends after kniting group yesterday.  The food was mediocre.  I should have just gotten soup.  Will I ever learn?