Two Down, Two to Go

I managed to complete two of my night shirts.  Maybe I will be able to get them all finished by Monday.   Then I can prepare the new fabric.  The brown print is polyester for a long sleeve blouse.  The rest of the fabric I’m not certain what I will do with them.  That’s not right.  The green with watermelon slices will be place-mats.  I forgot to buy ribbon to decorate them.  I’m such an idiot. 

We had to take Doug’s car in to be fixed.  He’s been fooling with it for weeks and he finally gave in.  I hope it’s finished by Monday because I’m leaving on Tuesday.  Win has an interview on Wednesday and he wants me to help him prepare.  Thursday I’m getting my favorite birthday present.  Yeah!  Hopefully, I’ll be back on Friday.

Big Baby

Big Baby

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  1. Christine Says:

    You are one productive lady. That cat sure looks content.

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