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Happy Birthday Jenn

January 29, 2010

OK.  It’s not until Monday,but it’s a workday for her and I wanted to go to the market on Thursday or Friday, see if there was any new sewing gadgets or software and  get my machine serviced. 

I made her a fleece dressing gown and two night-shirts.  She also got a pair of slippers and something else that I’m not going to mention.  She was really happy.

The best thing about coming to town is seeing my children.  I love them so very much.  They make me feel like it was the right thing to do.

I Was Frustrated

January 21, 2010

Yesterday, I decided to update the camera case page.  Every time I added a couple of sentences, I would lose the connection.  It made me crazy.  I couldn’t get anywhere.  I finally gave up and turned it off.

I finished the first night-shirt.  The other is almost done.  I should be ready for Jenn’s birthday.

Here’s my Puzzle Me This  sweater.  I removed the front panel and made it longer.  I may also take out some of the three needle bind-offs.  They look too bulky.  I’ll decide after I sew the front panel back on.   Flo doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.

New Nightshirts

April 1, 2009

 It  was really windy so this is as good as it gets.  The grumpy old man is my husband.  He wanted to help so I thought I should include him in the picture.


While I was there,  I walked over to the edge and took pictures of the geese.


And, here’s my handbag.


Wood Ducks and Geese

March 30, 2009

It must be Spring.  Our goose has picked her spot and laid her eggs.  She spent the day arranging the nest.  The male has all ready started chasing other geese out of the creek. 

goose and egg

goose and egg

I was very surprised to see wood ducks out in the middle of the afternoon.  I took several pictures from inside.  I went out as quietly as possible and I was able to take a couple more before they saw me and flew off.  There are a few wood duck houses in the neighborhood, but we don’t know if they’ve picked one yet.  Last year, they had at least ten babies in the one in the creek by the island.

duck ducks

duck ducks

 I sat out on the deck for a few hours this afternoon and knit.  I’m back to working on the handbag.  It’s fun and colorful.  Maybe I’ll have a picture tomorrow.  I also finished the fourth nightshirt.

Two Down, Two to Go

March 28, 2009

I managed to complete two of my night shirts.  Maybe I will be able to get them all finished by Monday.   Then I can prepare the new fabric.  The brown print is polyester for a long sleeve blouse.  The rest of the fabric I’m not certain what I will do with them.  That’s not right.  The green with watermelon slices will be place-mats.  I forgot to buy ribbon to decorate them.  I’m such an idiot. 

We had to take Doug’s car in to be fixed.  He’s been fooling with it for weeks and he finally gave in.  I hope it’s finished by Monday because I’m leaving on Tuesday.  Win has an interview on Wednesday and he wants me to help him prepare.  Thursday I’m getting my favorite birthday present.  Yeah!  Hopefully, I’ll be back on Friday.

Big Baby

Big Baby