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Quiet Morning

April 30, 2012

Our morning walk was very enjoyable today.  It was overcast and the air felt thick, but also peaceful.  There were a few people about and we waved, but there was a feeling of aloneness.  Sweetums felt sleepy, and now, I believe he has gone back to bed.  I sat on the pier and watched the geese across the river.  There were a litter of goslings over there and many adults.  They saw Gus and came over honking the whole trip.  They can get pretty raucous.  They don’t really do anything.  They swim around for a while and wander back to the other side.  I am not certain what they gain by this.  Gus doesn’t pay them any attention.  He likes to wade and drink river water.  I guess it has more flavor.    The cats are the same way.  We always keep a big water bowl out on the back porch.  It gets the most use after it’s been sitting there for a few days collecting various leaves, twigs and acorns and, of course, turning a nice shade of green.

I need to get ready for Sheep&Wool.  I’m taking classes on Japanese knitting on Thursday and Friday.  Several of my knitting friends think I am daft, but I like taking classes.  Remember.  I try to learn something every day.  I figure I’ll learn enough for a couple of months worth of not having to think.

Owls and Geese

March 10, 2011

My neighbor put out one of those plastic owls to scare the geese.  I thought they were vegetable gardens.  But, what do I know? 

Those geese really look scared.

Up A Creek in Springtime

April 3, 2010

Is there a mouse under there?

Flo is watching the geese.  What is she going to do when she sees the new baby geese in a few weeks.

Doug spent the day reading and I got some knitting accomplished while enjoying the sun.

High High Tide

December 10, 2009

It rained all night.  The geese love it.  They can stand on the bulkhead and still be in the water.  Everything is sodden.  I didn’t get much of a walk because of it.  The weather was mild so Doug put out the Christmas lights on the deck.  I had been out shopping this afternoon and they were so pretty when I came over the bridge.  Of course, I forgot to stop at the bank so I have to run out again tomorrow.   It’s supposed to be a lot colder.

I have the kimono blocked.  Maybe tomorrow I can start putting it together.  I found some snaps and buttons.  Wal-Mart doesn’t have much at all anymore.  They only had one kind of snaps and they were black.  At least I have plenty of buttons.  In the meantime, I’ve started Heritage Booties with the same yarn.  I thought about making a hat to go with the kimono, but I really liked the booties.

I don’t understand why anyone would send an “Edible Arrangements”.  You have to eat that stuff right away.  You don’t know how long they were sitting around either.  You know, I don’t think I could eat it.  I’d probably sit it out back and let the birds eat.

Signs of Autumn

August 19, 2009

It may be 90 degrees outside, but there are definitely changes.  Half of the tuckahoe is dead.  There is scum on the water from dying vegetation.  And the geese are acting weird.  I don’t like to think about Autumn.  It means that Winter is just around the corner.

081309 015

I didn’t do anything today.  I spent more time looking at crap on the Internet then I spent knitting my last pair of gloves.  (I need to take a picture of them.)  I pulled out three balls of yarn that I originally bought for socks.  Two don’t have any nylon or polymide so I had to find some other use for them.  So, I’ve been looking at hats and gloves and I think I’ve fund something.  They are both in Vogue Knitting.  One of the things I like is how they have videos of the patterns on-line.  They are really helpful.  I also found a pattern for socks in Yarn Forward. It’s pink and orange.

081309 017Here’s my labyrinth socks.  I finished them on Friday.  And finished the purple gloves on Monday.

Wood Ducks and Geese

March 30, 2009

It must be Spring.  Our goose has picked her spot and laid her eggs.  She spent the day arranging the nest.  The male has all ready started chasing other geese out of the creek. 

goose and egg

goose and egg

I was very surprised to see wood ducks out in the middle of the afternoon.  I took several pictures from inside.  I went out as quietly as possible and I was able to take a couple more before they saw me and flew off.  There are a few wood duck houses in the neighborhood, but we don’t know if they’ve picked one yet.  Last year, they had at least ten babies in the one in the creek by the island.

duck ducks

duck ducks

 I sat out on the deck for a few hours this afternoon and knit.  I’m back to working on the handbag.  It’s fun and colorful.  Maybe I’ll have a picture tomorrow.  I also finished the fourth nightshirt.

Danish Doll Hat

November 30, 2008


I finished it last night.  I think it turned out well.


We had frost this morning.  The geese didn’t seem to mind.  They still managed to eat the neighbors grass seed.  I think these are Canada Geese.  Delmarva Geese don’t get up this early.


Doug had already brought in the summer flowers.  Now we’ll have leaves all over the house all winter.  Whoopee.

It’s Over

November 3, 2008

Very windy and cooler today, so the sweater goes back on and I’m checking on my hats and gloves.  We walked over to the goose pond and scared most of the geese.  The rest just walked away from us.  It was easy to tell the Delmarva Geese from the Canada Geese. 

I went to knitting group this afternoon and then went out to supper with two of them.  When we meet in two weeks, it will be in Snow Hill.  I never been there so I am driving to Delmar where Leslie lives.  Then we are driving to Charlotte’s house since Leslie ‘kind of’ knows where she lives.  Then we are driving to Snow Hill because Charlotte knows where it is.  Did that make sense?  Is it worth it?  I don’t know.  It’s something to do.

It is really starting to look like Autumn.  And going back to standard time isn’t helping my mood any.

DelMarVa Geese

September 21, 2008

They may look like Canada geese, but they have never been to Canada.  Many generations ago, their ancestors came and never went back.  They fly  around in V formation in any direction and they honk their fool heads off.  But do they go anywhere?  In winter, their cousins come for a visit.  They all argue about the best place to live.  Then they poop all over your yard and kill your grass.  And you have to make sure your idiot dog doesn’t eat any of it, especially if he has a tender stomach.  It’s really hard to get out of the carpet.

Almost finished.  I’ll be glad.


June 19, 2008

I am trying to make up my mind about Stitches in November.  One thing aggravates me.  No. Two things aggravate me.  Lucy Neatby is shown with the teachers, but she is not listed as teaching.  I had to print out part of the brochure in order to see who was teaching what on Saturday and Sunday.  They could have made it more “user friendly”.  I found my self constantly jumping back and forth.  I gave myself a headache.

A wild turkey came walking down my side yard.  It stood there and looked out at the water.  I wish I had my camera out with me, but he wasn’t there long.  Gus saw him and started barking.  That scared the bejeezes out of him and he flew off the terrace and fast walked across the yards until he went into the bushes at the end house.  Maude was smelling where he stood so I guess Gus scared the crap out of him. 

I bought some perenials yesterday.  They are going out front in the courtyard.  I needed to weed out there, so now I have a reason.  I got most of it done, so I can plant tomorrow.  I also need to work around some of the flowers outside of the fence.  I’m going to have to wander around Jeff’s one of these days.  I want something exciting to put in one corner.  It’s gets sun most of the day and watered baby

For some reason, these guys didn’t appreciate the sprinklers.  Usually, when anything bothers the geese, they herd the kids into the creek.  This pair always walks junior into the bushes.  It’s a good thing they live here year round.  Otherwise, this little guy doesn’t have much of a chance.

I also got my hip x-rayed today.  Next week, I’m going up to Dover for my annual poke.