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Green Socks for Summer

May 14, 2015

I was thinking about knitting some socks with my pretty Knitcircus yarns, but then I remembered that Summer is coming.  I really shouldn’t use wool, so I went with the Panda Silk I bought off the yarn truck last month.  I found a pattern I liked in a recent copy of Vogue Knitting.

sock 002

It has a Channel Island cast-on that is made with some metallic variegated leftover yarn.

sock 004

The four wavy lines were fiddly, but worth the work.

sock 005


Tupperware Lid

August 26, 2009

Olive was walking on top of my Tupperware canisters when she fell into the rice container.  Needless to say, she was surprised.  We all were.  She only weighs nine pounds.  It cracked into three pieces.  So I called them.  I know they are about thirty years old, but what the helll.  I had to pay for shipping.  My set consists of seven canisters.  They’re my  kitchen.  082209 013

I’ve been making the lace panel gloves from the Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting.  I made a few changes.  I stared the panel in the ribbing and the little finger starts two rows before the other fingers.  It’s a better fit.   Yarn used is from Socks that Rock in color Seastone.  I’m hoping to make a beret to go with them.082409 002082409 003

082209 005

I managed to take a picture of the purple gloves before Flora made off with one.  I was able to distract her with Skunky.

Signs of Autumn

August 19, 2009

It may be 90 degrees outside, but there are definitely changes.  Half of the tuckahoe is dead.  There is scum on the water from dying vegetation.  And the geese are acting weird.  I don’t like to think about Autumn.  It means that Winter is just around the corner.

081309 015

I didn’t do anything today.  I spent more time looking at crap on the Internet then I spent knitting my last pair of gloves.  (I need to take a picture of them.)  I pulled out three balls of yarn that I originally bought for socks.  Two don’t have any nylon or polymide so I had to find some other use for them.  So, I’ve been looking at hats and gloves and I think I’ve fund something.  They are both in Vogue Knitting.  One of the things I like is how they have videos of the patterns on-line.  They are really helpful.  I also found a pattern for socks in Yarn Forward. It’s pink and orange.

081309 017Here’s my labyrinth socks.  I finished them on Friday.  And finished the purple gloves on Monday.

I Finished Knitting the Handbag

April 9, 2009

Now I need to block it.  Somewhere I have some silk that will make a nice lining.  I also thought I might cut a piece of plastic to put in the bottom.  I haven’t made up my mind about the ties yet. 

I started a pair of cable gloves.  They were in Vogue Knitting winter issue.  The cast-on was weird.  I did a long-tail instead.  I have finished several rows and I’m not yet certain that I like it.  The magazine also has a pair of opera gloves that I would like to make.  They start at the fingertips which I have never tried and i love the design down the arms.

I bought Sock Innovation by Cookie A this morning.  I read various sections and I am impressed.  I’ll be making good use of this book.

No Sanquhar Glove Knitting

August 31, 2008

I didn’t work on my quilt either, and part 3 has been posted.  I copy them and throw them on my sewing

6 pieces of fabric and Vogue Knitting

6 pieces of fabric and Vogue Knitting

cabinet.  Speaking of sewing, I went to Dover this afternoon.  I bought 10 yards of Warm and Natural batting.  It was half price.  Then it broke the fabric reader, so the clerk had to write everything out by hand.  Here’s what I bought.  The stuff on the left is denim with a gold snakeskin design on it—-good for making “guy”containers.  Now that certain men in my life have figured out that I can make covers for pretty much anything, I have to keep appropriate fabric handy.  The cherries is going to be placemats and the rest is quilting projects. 

I buy Vogue Knitting once or twice a year.  Whenever I subscribe, the magazine gets awful so I just pick one up occasionally.

I did a little knitting.  I got out some hand spun yarn I bought at MD Sheep & Wool about 15 years ago and made swatches.  I am trying to decide which looks best.  It’s 100% wool in a soft yellow, green, orange combination.  I’ve looked at several patterns, but I haven’t settled on one thing yet.

New Bulky Sweater

November 17, 2007

The other week I was rummaging around in my stash looking for bulky yarn.  I was going to make a cat bed.  I soon realized that I had enough for a sweater for me and several cat beds.   Well, I still haven’t gotten to the cat bed, but I have a new sweater.  I used a pattern in an old Vogue Knitting magazine.  It called for heavy worsted on size 11 needles.  Since my yarn was really bulky, I used size 17 needles.  I did a gauge swatch–Yes!!  I always do a gauge swatch.  I cast on half the number of stitches for size Large and only did about half the number of rows.  I had to fudge some of the decreases at the armholes, but I am very happy with the end result. 

  6-06-flood-knit-102807-021.jpg       6-06-flood-knit-102807-022.jpg

Since Jenn did all the driving Monday, I was free to knit.  I started on a pair of gloves for her.  I used Paton’s SWS.  It was pretty and felt very nice.  I got most of one glove made.  It went very quickly on size 5 needles.  The yarn band said size 9, but I always go down a few sizes for gloves.  I also gave her a pair of  socks for Christmas.  They were Lorna’s Laces in red, white and green with a mitered square design.  I gave them to her now so that she can wear them when she is feeling Christmasy.  Is that a word?  I forgot to take a picture.    

  elvis-new-yarn-gloves-026.jpg      elvis-new-yarn-gloves-030.jpg    elvis-new-yarn-gloves-029.jpg    Here are Jenn’s gloves and some yarn I picked up over the weekend.  My first thought was gloves, but there is enough for socks.  I was also thinking about a scarf with the leftover yarn from Jenn’s gloves—something open with perhaps little flowers at the end.