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Rue Boy Has Made His First Kill

July 28, 2011

And that rug deserved killing, too.

Even Gus thought it was worth a good laugh.

Spending Time Indoors

July 22, 2011

I’m making placemats to go with the table quilt.   I had a fair amount of a cream print left and cut six decent sized fronts. I know.  It’s a bit boring.  My intention is to embroider coneflowers on them.  It should help.  I’ll bind each one in a different fabric.

These are three-inch sample squares.  My crazy ex-girlfriend was going to throw them out because they were “too old”.  How does cotton fabric get to be too old?  She used to throw out all the left-over fabric from everything she made.  Whole yards of fabric would go in the trash.  I got some great stuff off her.  Fabric is just something else to play with. 

I took half the stack, flipped it over and sewed two together.  I can’t sew them all because they should be nine squares wide and a little over five high.  I’m hoping that they will look good enough to use on either side—-especially when I forget to flip them during shedding season.  Luckily, Cora loves to be combed.

I thought I’d make some hats to sell.  Since I’ve had about six thousand hits on Victoria”s Cloche, that’s what I’m going with.  I’ll make a few then go back to socks.

Cora and Flo’s Big Adventure

July 20, 2011

I’ve been trying for weeks to get the little girls to the vets for their shots.  Cora is easy to catch because she usually takes a nap on the dining table after breakfast.  Note the folded over placemats.  My main problem is little Flo.  Even if she comes in for breakfast, trying to find her when it’s time to go isn’t easy.  If she wants to go out, she has a sixth sense as to when and where an escape is possible.  If she decides to stay in, she can get herself into a hidey hole that you never knew even excited.  This morning, I noticed her going into a kitchen cupboard.  I quietly closed the door and set about getting ready to go.    When the time came, Doug put Cora in a carrier and I took her out to the car.  Somehow, he managed to get Flo out of the closet and into a carrier.  Ah, success.  Half the battle was over.  It takes about 15 minutes to get there.  For fourteen they screamed and cried like they were being murdered.  I am so glad it was hot enough to put on the air-conditioning.  Once inside, they settled down.  Cora sat with her back to me.  Flo needed scratching.  The place was half empty and since they were just getting shots, I didn’t have to wait too long—-about as long as it takes to cast on for socks and knit a few rounds.  In the examining room, Cora refused to come out.  The kid managed to grab her hind legs, but somehow, she managed to dig her claws into something inside.  I held on to the carrier while he wiggled her loose.  Speaking of loose, I use the word kid loosely.  I mean, as far as I’m concerned my son is a kid and he is 26 years old.    Anyway, Cora was weighed, stuck and generally tossed about.  When it was time for her to get back in her carrier, she didn’t want to go.  I think she wanted to take names.  We finally managed to shove her back in.  And, finally, it was Flo’s turn.  Having observed all this, she realized what was going on and she was the perfect little princess she can be.  Maybe she remembers getting fixed up here last year when she was sliced. 

When I came out, there was a man with a lovely female german shepherd.  He had nine puppies that were coming for their first shots.  They were so beautiful!  They licked my fingers.  I would have loved to have one.  Gus would turn green and die if I brought another dog home.

It’s Official! I’m Losing It

July 16, 2011

Yesterday, I forgot what day it was.   I needed a pedicure and I wanted a manicure so I called.  I thought it odd when I was told to come at a specific time.  Usually, I get, “When do you think you’ll be here?’  When I walked in I was surprised at how busy it was.  The greeter said, “Well, it’s always like this on Friday and Saturday.”  I couldn’t believe it.  I never go around the weekend for this reason.  I even pulled out my phone to check the day.  Yep.  It was Friday.  Just shoot me and bury me in the back yard.  Boy.  Wouldn’t that surprise the next owners.

I thought it was time for a plain pair of socks.  As you can see, I didn’t make it.  I didn’t even start out with a plain rib.  And whereas the yarn is subdued, it isn’t plain either.  This is Sockotta yarn which is nice for Summer.  The leg is purposely loose.  I used a smaller needle for the heel gusset and decreased an additional six stitches on the foot.  It fits just the way I want it.

I Was Happy to See

July 14, 2011

The wood duck was out this morning with the kids.  I counted at least six before they were too far down the creek to see.  There was a wood duck house on a pole in the creek for several years, but it fell over last year.  A neighbor had put it up, but he died a few years ago.  He was quite a character.  He knew how to enjoy life.

Tuesday, my son came for a little visit and brought his girlfriend.  It was Sweetums first time seeing her.  They both took the week off.  She is small and cute with freckles.  She talks a lot, but that may be nervousness.   She calls my son, Dear, which grated on Sweetums’ nerves.  I’m not certain what she sees in my son.  He can be as irritating as his father.  I told her needs to beat him regularly.

Some Things Take Some Getting Used To

July 11, 2011

Take Gus’s new leach.  Sweetums likes it.  Gus likes it.  I don’t care for it.  It has a retractable cord.  It’s hard to hold.  I always lock it to about six feet.  It helps my balance.  Gus understands.  He’s a good boy when I have the lead.  We bought it mainly to enable Gus to get in the river.  He likes to walk around, get wet and drink the water, but he panics if he slips.  He is NOT a swimmer.  I honestly think he feels better when he is in the water now.  Before, we would let him loose, but only when the tide was low.  We worried about the roots and the old fallen down concrete  boat ramp.  Now he’s a happy boy.


Then there’s the new mouse.  Sweetums got it for my laptop.  It’s wireless, but so are the others.  It’s just a tad too big.  It’s hard to hold.  It’s amazing how something a mere 1/4 inch bigger can be such a pain. And it’s a little slow.  So I got the old one for my laptop.  I’m so happy.  It works so much better.  Sweetums is so nice.

I think I am going to be getting used to a new standing mixer soon.  The motor is acting weird.  I was making my son “The Cake” for his birthday and it was having trouble.  It’s only thirty years old.  About four years ago, I bought some parts for it.   That helped.  I can’t  knead dough with it anymore and I can’t find the food processor, just the blades.  I guess I had better start looking.  Ugh.

Did you notice that I made it through this post without mentioning yarn or cats?



Flo Makes Me Crazy

July 6, 2011

She had spent another night out.  We were ready for our morning walk and she still hadn’t shown up.  We locked up and headed down the driveway when I saw her sitting in the yard next door.  She got up and staggered over.  She looked like she had been up all night partying.  She couldn’t keep her eyes open.  Since she was basically OK, we told her that we would be back in an hour and went on our way.  Well, she was nowhere to be seen when we got back.  We considered turning on the sprinklers, but decided that would be mean.  She finally managed to stagger out of the bushes around noon.  We fed her a nice breakfast and half and half.  Of course, we had to give Rue Boy some.  He is such a mooch.

Every time Flo stays out all night I am reminded of the time some thing tried to slice her a new asshole.  Plus, she’s so tiny.  She is such a sweetie.  I wonder, sometimes, how long I’ll have her.

Did I mention that I am not buying any more yarn?  Well, I lied. 

Is It Dinner When You Eat at 3PM?

July 1, 2011

Yesterday, I had a roaring headache by 4PM.  Trying to cook was impossible.  I wanted to hide in the dark in the bathroom, but Sweetums and Frank were working on it.  Everywhere else was too bright.  I had to change my white socks.  They seemed to be glowing.  This happens sometimes. 

So, today I started cutting my vegetables around 2PM.  I had two left-over pork chops and Sweetums loves stir-fry.  Then, I thought why not go ahead and fix it now.  I can warm it up later.  I hear, “What cha doing?”  Sweetums started fixing rice.  Neither of us had had any lunch.  So supper/dinner was at 3PM.  I guess we are turning into old farts.

Speaking of bathrooms….

 I’m going to miss that red shag carpeting.

Why does spell check accept ‘cha’ and not ‘Sweetums’?  And why isn’t there a personal dictionary for storage?