Spending Time Indoors

I’m making placemats to go with the table quilt.   I had a fair amount of a cream print left and cut six decent sized fronts. I know.  It’s a bit boring.  My intention is to embroider coneflowers on them.  It should help.  I’ll bind each one in a different fabric.

These are three-inch sample squares.  My crazy ex-girlfriend was going to throw them out because they were “too old”.  How does cotton fabric get to be too old?  She used to throw out all the left-over fabric from everything she made.  Whole yards of fabric would go in the trash.  I got some great stuff off her.  Fabric is just something else to play with. 

I took half the stack, flipped it over and sewed two together.  I can’t sew them all because they should be nine squares wide and a little over five high.  I’m hoping that they will look good enough to use on either side—-especially when I forget to flip them during shedding season.  Luckily, Cora loves to be combed.

I thought I’d make some hats to sell.  Since I’ve had about six thousand hits on Victoria”s Cloche, that’s what I’m going with.  I’ll make a few then go back to socks.

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