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Trying to Find the Right Fabric for my Kitchen

September 23, 2011

My original plan was to make covers for this:And this:

Simple. Right?    

I visited no less than three fabric shops and bought  fabric for six tops and five pants.  Well.  If I’m going to have new blouses, I need new pants to go with them.  This was getting to be far too expensive.   Now, I believe that I mentioned getting rid of blouses and making new ones.  I may also get rid of the old pants that I haven’t gotten around to taking in.  I’m not sure about that yet.  They are nice.  I’d better not die anytime soon.  I’ve got too much stuff.

So, I went on-line.  Well, duh.  After about four hours of driving myself crazy, I finally settled on three coordinating fabrics.  I might as well make new curtains.  And pot holders.  And, maybe, placemats.  It’s all going to look so CUTE!!!.  I hope Sweetums doesn’t puke.

Going to Reistestown for a Few

September 8, 2011

I haven’t been all summer so it’s time.  I hope it’s not raining like this tomorrow.  Ordinarily I would have all ready left, but I have an appointment with the GP in the morning. 

 My son wants sewing lessons.  We’ll be looking at patterns and buying fabric, cutting and sewing.  He has my old Brother, but I’m bringing my Sapphire anyway.  I am not certain what all is at the house so I’ll bring some basic notions.  This should be fun.  I’ll let you know. 

I’m trying to picture him making his own placemats.

Spending Time Indoors

July 22, 2011

I’m making placemats to go with the table quilt.   I had a fair amount of a cream print left and cut six decent sized fronts. I know.  It’s a bit boring.  My intention is to embroider coneflowers on them.  It should help.  I’ll bind each one in a different fabric.

These are three-inch sample squares.  My crazy ex-girlfriend was going to throw them out because they were “too old”.  How does cotton fabric get to be too old?  She used to throw out all the left-over fabric from everything she made.  Whole yards of fabric would go in the trash.  I got some great stuff off her.  Fabric is just something else to play with. 

I took half the stack, flipped it over and sewed two together.  I can’t sew them all because they should be nine squares wide and a little over five high.  I’m hoping that they will look good enough to use on either side—-especially when I forget to flip them during shedding season.  Luckily, Cora loves to be combed.

I thought I’d make some hats to sell.  Since I’ve had about six thousand hits on Victoria”s Cloche, that’s what I’m going with.  I’ll make a few then go back to socks.