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New Dress

September 9, 2017

  The pattern was very well written.  I will definitely get more from Snapdragon.  It’s a little bit big, but it’s a summer dress.  When I make it with knit fabric, I will definitely go down a size.  It comes with three more sleeves though their website.

Currently, I have been working on repairs.  I have a linen dress with ‘too short’ sleeves so I cut off the cuffs.  I opened the seam for several inches and finished off he edges, then made a hem.  The sleeves have a tab so I buttoned it over and it looks good.  I’m glad I left it on.  I usually pick them out because they bother me and I never use them.

Next up, a skirt that’s too long and an old shirt that I just can’t throw away.

Busy Week

September 5, 2017

Last week, I never seemed to have the time to write.  My daughter stopped by for a short visit.  She seems so very happy these days.  The last two years have been pretty hard for her.  It is so great to see those big brown eyes sparkle again.  Mothers worry.

My son came by on Friday.  He had been in Ocean City for the week.  He said he had a lot of fun.  He even went parasailing with a friend.  This really surprised me.  He is very near-sighted (like me before cataract surgery) and tends to be cautious.

  My new rug finally came and I love it and so does Don.  I also got a runner for the foyer.  Sweetums is so tickled with it,  he wants a small one for the back door.  I wonder how long it will take to get here.

  I am also making a dress.  I’ve been wanting to make this all Summer.  It’s supposed to be cooler the next several days.  Will I get a chance to wear this year?