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Guess What!

December 31, 2007
That’s right. No electrician. Ah, the joys of living in lower slower Delaware. But I expected it, even if I did get up at 7AM. It’s still a helluva lot better than where I used to live.

I finished the hat and wore it out on my dog walk this morning. I still have a ball and a half which is plenty for a pair of gloves. Speaking of gloves, here’s the pair I just finished.

And I have enough for a hat. I may make another entrelac. It looks good on me and the pattern is still fresh in my head. I will have to use much smaller needles and I am not sure that I want to stripe each square or perhaps make alternating solid squares.

The second row of right sloping squares.

Beginning the final squares.

With the second square, you are decreasing at the end of every row. I know that it looks strange, but keep at it.

The last eight stitches. Bind these off loosely and leave a tail long enough to sew it to the side of the first square.

Bound off and ready to sew.

I decided that this hole was too big so I got out my double pointed needles and picked up and knit twenty stitches. Row 2–knit two together–10 sts. Row 3–K2tog–5 sts. Row 4–K3, K2tog–4sts. Begin I-Cord. Make it long enough to knot the end.


And there you go.



Cold and Rainy Day

December 30, 2007

It’s cold and raining and I still have a cold. I did finish a pair of gloves. I have to think about a hat to go with them. And that’s just it. I can’t think. I set up my new sewing machine and started sewing. I had to stop and move my chair over. The bed really is that much longer. I want to make a little table runner with it, but standing and cutting out little pieces of fabric makes me dizzy. I did manage to start some bean soup with leftover ham. Doug helped and the animals enjoyed fatty ham treats, especially Elvis. He can get really loud. It’s because he can’t hear myself anymore. It’s good to see him hanging out with the others.

New Machine, New Software

December 30, 2007
Even though, I still feel crappy from a cold, I drove up to Dover and bought everything I wanted. I’m happy, but tired. If Doug hadn’t taken everything out of my van, it would still be there. He also took my new machine out of the box and set it on my cabinet. I didn’t even bother to tell him that that wasn’t where I wanted it, although I do to pull his chain whenever the occasion arises. My new machine has a longer bed for quilting and the sensor system like I am used to with my SE. The new software will have to wait until I feel better. I really could use a snot vampire right now.

I worked on my hat last night. Elvis was asleep in my lap which made taking pictures a bit difficult. Also, I decided I liked doing the SSK decrease rather than the SKPSSO in the directions.

Here is the first base triangle.

Here, I have completed the base triangles.

Since I am left handed, I usually pick up with my left needle and then knit them right handed.

Now would be a good time to learn to knit backwards so you wouldn’t continually be turning your work. I figured it out on my own. I tried watching closely while knitting and then trying to do it from the left. This isn’t knitting left handed. Some call it knitting back backwards. Since I grew up in a right handed world, it took me about two minutes to get it. Can you do it?

Beginning the first right sloping square.

Finishing the first square and starting on the second square.

The back . Pay no attention to the white threads on the left. Sometimes, cats can be a little too helpful.

First left sloping square.

Left sloping squares row is finished. Can you see Elvis? He loves it when I am making something big. He boroughs right in.

I will be doing the top section next. Don’t forget to make another row of right sloping squares.


No Electrician

December 28, 2007
I got up early this morning so that I would at least be dressed when the electrician came. Of course, he called shortly after that. Someone called with an emergency and could we wait until Monday? Now I am wondering — will he come on New Years Eve? There was some early morning fog hanging over the creek. A Great Blue Heron flew in, a Bald Eagle flew over and a few ducks and geese were in the water. I love living here.

I haven’t done much of anything today. Doug gave me a cold and it has taken up residence in my chest. I talked to my friend, Linda. They have been sick, too, so we won’t be stepping out tonight. We are going to try for tomorrow. I hope I am not too tired. I have to take my SE up to Dover for the new upgrade and I am getting new software. I am also going to look at the Sapphire 830. They are $300 off. It would be nice to sew and embroider at the same time. Quilting would be easier, too.

My entrelac hat is coming along. I will try to post pictures next time.

Free Entrelac Hat Pattern

December 28, 2007
Yarn used: 2 skeins Noro Kureyon color 102

Needles: 16” circular size 7

16” or 24” size 9

2 double points size 6


With size 7 needle, cast on 80 stitches and Join, being careful not to twist. Knit 1, purl 1 for 1 ½ “.


Change to size 9 needle.


Base triangles

Knit 2, turn. Purl 2, turn. K3, turn. P3, turn. K4, turn. P4, turn. K5, turn. P5, turn. K6, turn. P6, turn. K7, turn. P7, turn. K8. One triangle completed. Repeat these rows until you have completed 10 triangles. Turn. Purl 8 on the last triangle to get in position for the next row.


Right sloping squares

Pick up and purl 8 stitches along side of first base triangle, turn. (K8, turn, P7, P2tog, turn) 8 times. Each time you P2tog, you decrease 1 stitch on the base triangle until all 8 stitches are used. Repeat from the beginning until there are 10 squares sloping right. K8 on the last square to get in position for the next row.


Left sloping squares

Pick up and knit 8 stitches along side of right sloping square, turn. (P8, turn. P7, slip1, K1 from right sloping square, pass over the slipped stitch, turn) 8 times. Repeat from the beginning until there are 10 squares sloping left. P8 on the last square to get in position for the next row.


Repeat right sloping squares section.


Pick up and knit 8 stitches along the side of the right sloping square, turn. (P8, turn. K7, slip1, K1 from right sloping square, pass over slipped stitch, turn) 8 times. This completes the first square.

The rest of the squares are completed as follows: *Pick up and knit 8 stitches along side of right sloping, turn. P7, P2tog, turn. K7, slip 1, K1 from right sloping square, pass over slipped stitch, turn. Repeat these two rows decreasing one stitch at the end of each row until all 8 stitches on each side have been used. Repeat from * 9 times. Bind off last 8 stitches loosely. Sew bound off edge to side of first square.



With double pointed needles, pick up and knit one into top point of each square (10 stitches). Do not turn. Slide stitches to right side of needle. K2tog 3 times, K3tog (4 stitches). K4 stitches, then slip and repeat until you reach desired length. Knit 2tog twice, then knit 2tog once.


There are several different yarns that you use. I just started one using Limbo Mexico to go with my favorite jacket. Here is what I have done so far.

I’ll take pictures as I go along to help you understand my directions. And I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Here are some yarns of similar weight that will also work with this pattern. I have also made this hat using much lighter weight yarn.

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2007
I had hoped to give you all a little Christmas gift, but I couldn’t find it. It must be on my old computer. I’ll have to make another CD because I can’t find the one we originally made. I won’t tell you what it is, but here is a hint.

  Now I am off to Reisterstown for a few days.

Santa is ready to go!

December 22, 2007

Santa, his sleigh, eight reindeer and Rudolph are finally finished.  And I didn’t go insane.  Maude helped me take pictures.

  Here she is positioning Rudolph.

  He’s about to take off.

  She approves.

  Zippo did his usual superior job with the gift wrapping.

Tomorrow, we make pies.  Gus promised to help.  I’m not sure what he means by that.


Gluing Reindeer

December 20, 2007

I am a knitter, a sewer, an embroiderer, a quilter, a crocheter. I am not a gluer. It took me hours to get those underbellies inserted on those reindeer, but they are finally done. It’s a wonder my whole dining room isn’t stuck together. Now I have to put the whole thing together. ARGH!!! How does Rudolph’s nose look? It is so tacky. I love it.

Here is my friend and neighbor, Linda, modeling my daughter’s tunic. Jenn is at least four inches taller and she has boobs. It still needs buttons and steaming, but models can be hard to catch. I also sent it to her husband. I said I found her wandering around again and that she was trying to fly away. You’ve got to have some fun.

Hey, Christine! Look. No snow. And I only had to wear a sweater when I walked the dog.

I’m sorry.  I am bad.  Santa won’t bring me any presents.  Reindeer will do that to you.

It’s Very Sad

December 18, 2007

I was decorating the tree today when I discovered something. My son’s favorite Christmas ornament has died. For twenty years, it played Silent Night when it was squeezed. Today, not the slightest sound came from its bowels. Granted, it has been very difficult for it to do more than a few thin bars for the past several years, but at least we knew that it was still alive and kicking. It is very sad. My poor dear son will be heart broken.

On a happier note, I finished putting together Santa and his sleigh. I even bought a bunch of little presnts to put in with him. The tops of the reindeer are together and now I have to glue on their underbellies.

Last night, I sent out all my Christmas cards. And now, the house and tree are decorated. At least something is done. Here is my most cherished ornament. It is the last to go on the tree and the last to come off. And I am the only one allowed to handle it. It was made for me thirty-seven years ago. I can’t say anymore.

Knitting Group

December 17, 2007

I went down to Salisbury yesterday afternoon to join a little knitting group. It was very casual– just the way I like it so I will be going back. They meet twice a month. I also found out about a yarn shop that may be worth visiting. It was in a bookstore so I looked around afterward. The place had too many paperbacks and not enough hard covers. I did find an ADC map of Sussex county which made Doug really happy. I was going to wrap it up for Christmas, but he likes these little surprizes. They didn’t have the DVD that I wanted for my son. It’s an English movie, but I did find out it is supposed to be released for Americans this winter.

My Christmas projects are coming along very slowly. The tunic needs some ends woven in. I got most of the sewing done during The King and I. When Jenn was in high school, we went to see Yul Brynner live doing The King and I. It was her first musical. We have enjoyed several musicals since then. I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing it.