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Charity Knitting

August 12, 2012

Maria’s church is trying to raise money for a new roof.  They are going to have a bazaar in the Fall.  What a great excuse to make something fun!  I had the perfect yarn, an acrylic/wool blend that will be easy to wash.  I started with an entrelac hat.  For some reason, I made an extra tier of squares.  Then I had to knit the decrease tier in the opposite direction.  I found myself picking up the wrong side more than once.  Maybe I should have taken the extra tier out, but I’m I didn’t.  It really looks good on.

Next, I decided to make mittens.  I really like them.  It’s a good thing I made them a little big.  These are definitely feel good mittens.  Just looking at them makes me smile.


I had a little over one skein left at this point.  Do I keep what’s left?  Nah.  So I made a little scarf.  It’s only about four feet long, but it’s still long enough to keep a neck warm.  And mitered squares are so much fun.


It’s Snowing

February 21, 2008
Snow started to fall about two hours ago. Maude and Zip went out and played on the deck for a while. Now, they are both asleep. It’s a typical light snow with less than an inch so far–just the right amount for silly kitties. Gus thinks they are nuts. He goes out and barks at them. They run by and swat him on the legs. He just mumbles and comes back in.

I got a nice note from Ellen in Salt Lake City. She made my entrelac hat pattern. Here’s a picture.

She had nothing but good things to say about my pattern. I’m so happy!

I have finished the thumb increases on the first glove and I’m ready to start the main part of the second mitten. I want to get these done as quickly as possible so I can make something BIG.

I really should spend more time on sprucing up my blog. I look at other blogs and see all kinds of things that I could do, but once I am done with my blog , I’m ready to get up and do something else. One of these days I’ll make myself do it.

New Machine, New Software

December 30, 2007
Even though, I still feel crappy from a cold, I drove up to Dover and bought everything I wanted. I’m happy, but tired. If Doug hadn’t taken everything out of my van, it would still be there. He also took my new machine out of the box and set it on my cabinet. I didn’t even bother to tell him that that wasn’t where I wanted it, although I do to pull his chain whenever the occasion arises. My new machine has a longer bed for quilting and the sensor system like I am used to with my SE. The new software will have to wait until I feel better. I really could use a snot vampire right now.

I worked on my hat last night. Elvis was asleep in my lap which made taking pictures a bit difficult. Also, I decided I liked doing the SSK decrease rather than the SKPSSO in the directions.

Here is the first base triangle.

Here, I have completed the base triangles.

Since I am left handed, I usually pick up with my left needle and then knit them right handed.

Now would be a good time to learn to knit backwards so you wouldn’t continually be turning your work. I figured it out on my own. I tried watching closely while knitting and then trying to do it from the left. This isn’t knitting left handed. Some call it knitting back backwards. Since I grew up in a right handed world, it took me about two minutes to get it. Can you do it?

Beginning the first right sloping square.

Finishing the first square and starting on the second square.

The back . Pay no attention to the white threads on the left. Sometimes, cats can be a little too helpful.

First left sloping square.

Left sloping squares row is finished. Can you see Elvis? He loves it when I am making something big. He boroughs right in.

I will be doing the top section next. Don’t forget to make another row of right sloping squares.