Charity Knitting

Maria’s church is trying to raise money for a new roof.  They are going to have a bazaar in the Fall.  What a great excuse to make something fun!  I had the perfect yarn, an acrylic/wool blend that will be easy to wash.  I started with an entrelac hat.  For some reason, I made an extra tier of squares.  Then I had to knit the decrease tier in the opposite direction.  I found myself picking up the wrong side more than once.  Maybe I should have taken the extra tier out, but I’m I didn’t.  It really looks good on.

Next, I decided to make mittens.  I really like them.  It’s a good thing I made them a little big.  These are definitely feel good mittens.  Just looking at them makes me smile.


I had a little over one skein left at this point.  Do I keep what’s left?  Nah.  So I made a little scarf.  It’s only about four feet long, but it’s still long enough to keep a neck warm.  And mitered squares are so much fun.


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