Fluffy’s Slouchy Tam

Finished hat weighs 3.8 ounces or 85 grams.  I used leftovers from my Philosophers Stars sweater which is a sturdy worsted weight wool. 

Needles used were size 5 or 3.75mm 16″ circular and set of double points.

Cast on 88 stitches.  Knit 2, purl 2 in the round for 1 or 1 1/2″.  Increase for slouch by *[K2, M1] to end of round.  Total stitches is 132.  Continue to knit in the round for 5″. 

Dividing 132 by 8 leaves 4 extra stitches.  On the first decrease round [SSK, K31] 4 times. 128 stitches.  Knit one round with no decreases.  Next round [ssk, k14, place marker] 8 times.  120 stitches.  Knit one round even.  Next round [ssk, knit to marker] 8 times.  Repeat the last two rounds until 8 stitches remain.  Ssk 4 times.  Four stitches remain.

For a finishing touch, I made a worm.  Using a backward loop, cast on an additional 26 stitches.  Turn and knit and purl in first stitch.  Bind off by passing first stitch over the second.  Continue to knit and purl in each stitch and bind off  by slipping first stitch over second  until one stitch remains.  Cut yarn leaving a 6″ length and pull through last loop.  Worm will curl on its own.  If this is too confusing, you can knit and purl in each stitch, then turn and do a regular bind off, but your worm will be thicker and you will have to weave the end through the worm.  If you use my method, you can weave the end on the inside of the tam.   Or just make an I-cord.

For a striped tam like mine, change colors every two rows.  Bring the next color over the others every other row.  Don’t pull at it.  As long as the new yarn is brought up and over the old, any holes that may appear will close after a few color changes.

You could make your tam sloughier with knit 1, make 1 on the increase round.  The total would be 176 which is divisible by 8.  Knitting for more than 5″ is a possibility.  This will also add weight which you may not want.

If you have any questions, leave me  comment or write me at: www.frivolousfluffy@gmail.com.  I’ll be happy to reply.

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