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A New Bookcase

May 28, 2014

bookcase 004  Frank made us a bookcase for the awkward corner opposite the front porch.   Does it look level to you?  Well. It is. Really.  It was Sweetums’ idea.  I’m so proud of them.  Now we’ll have to see if Sweetums can stain it without getting it all over the walls.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Sofa

May 27, 2014

007  Every time that I go into the room, I am amazed at how much bigger it looks.  It’s only four feet.  I told Sweetums that I wanted a big red leather couch.  He looked at me as if I had two heads.  I know that is very impractical with pets, but it is fun to pull his chain sometimes.

I’ve also been looking at Bark cloth for draperies, but that comes after painting  and carpeting.

Twined Knitting

May 24, 2014

011  Mitts from my class with Beth Brown-Reinsel.  I always enjoy taking classes with Beth.  She talks about the history of this type of knitting and brings plenty of pictures and, of course, lovely garments to pass out.

These were knit using both ends of the yarn making them extremely thick and warm.  A little too warm to get much use around here, but they will be great for cool knitting evenings.  There is enough of my fingers and thumb showing to knit decently.  I was thinking about turning these into mittens before I realized that I would get more use from them as they are.

A Pleasant Experience

May 21, 2014

Three cheers for Delaware DMV!!

Yesterday, Sweetums and I rode over to DeDMW. There were a few things that we had to get straightened with my new vehicle and some other things. We walked up to the front desk. When we said why we were here, she handed us a ticket. Then she looked at it and said, we were next and to look for our number over the windows. I explained to the woman what had happened and what I wanted to do and she was fine with it all. She was extremely pleasant with everything. She was vey helpful and explained everything. I got just what I wanted and I had all my questions addressed. I thanked her profusely. We were back in the car ten(Yes! Ten) minutes later.

OK. One bad thing. I didn’t have any time to get some knitting done.

Home Improvement

May 17, 2014

This time, we are enlarging the living room.

002  My poor courtyard.

004  New wall.

011  Old wall down.

015  New windows.