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Moving Along

March 16, 2016


My daughter’s Christmas tree skirt is finished and I am very happy with the result.  Maybe I’ll make one for myself.


Here are the twined knitted gloves I made for her.  The socks are almost finished.  Twined knitting takes so much longer than normal knitting, but it’s worth the work.  I think I’ll make an Ascot with the rest of the yarn.  They look so tidy.


I’ve started working on the Splendid Sampler.  I couldn’t decide on which colorway to use so I made both.  The second block has a lot of tiny pieces.  It took forever to cut and my knees locked up.  But I’ll live.

Twined Knitting

May 24, 2014

011  Mitts from my class with Beth Brown-Reinsel.  I always enjoy taking classes with Beth.  She talks about the history of this type of knitting and brings plenty of pictures and, of course, lovely garments to pass out.

These were knit using both ends of the yarn making them extremely thick and warm.  A little too warm to get much use around here, but they will be great for cool knitting evenings.  There is enough of my fingers and thumb showing to knit decently.  I was thinking about turning these into mittens before I realized that I would get more use from them as they are.