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Knitting Together

January 31, 2018

Sunday I went down to B&N for some afternoon knitting.  There was a total of nine of us trying to sit around one table.  It was so nice seeing everyone.  I think we all had a great time.  One of the youngsters is married now, with a child.  I’m so happy for her.  It’s what she always wanted.  As usual, I brought home one of Maria’s projects.  Somehow, there was a small cut in the middle of her shawl.  It will be a bit of a pain to fix and I’m going to need very good lighting.  If the fix doesn’t look right, I’ll knit a flower over it and call it a ‘design feature’.

  A little ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.


January 30, 2018

I can’t stand that Go Daddy commercial with the rugged looking man and the knitters.  There are millions of knitters in the world (see Ravelry) and they did not bother to do even a little research.  They just made up terms.  Who knits anymore anyway? Argh!


Working Away

January 27, 2018

I have gotten a lot of work accomplished on my baby quilt for my great-niece/nephew for the past two days.  For the last prior several days I was always going somewhere and I was beginning to feel anxious about it.  I am very close to finishing and finish is all I want to do.

Socks for My Son

January 27, 2018

I didn’t think I would ever finish them.  He is six feet four or five inches tall and wears size thirteen shoes.  He saw a sock blank at MD Sheep & Wool that he liked.  I realized it wouldn’t be enough and I managed to find a cake that went from black to red.  I decided on a four row stripe and a three one rib throughout.  He loves them!  He even called to make certain he was washing them properly.  I think I will make him a pair of slippers with felted soles.

My Son Called

January 24, 2018

OK. He texted.  What ever.  He knew his sister’s birthday was soon.  He wanted to get her a nice gift and did I have any suggestions.  I started hyperventilating.  My little boy has (finally) grown up.

  When my system got back to normal, I thought I would do some sewing.  The cat had other ideas.  I decided to make a tuna casserole.  Sweetums was very happy.

Pink Purple Socks

January 23, 2018

  I thought that the third time was the charm.  Well.  It’s not.  My daughter picked this sock blank when we were at MD Sheep & Wool last May.  I have tried three different patterns and didn’t like any of them.  I finally decided to wind the yarn into a ball and try again.  This time I managed to knit a whole sock and I’m starting on the second.  The pattern is fairly simple with a few mock cables.  I love the way the colors change.  I was going to take a picture, but I think I will wait until they are washed and blocked.

New Pedicure

January 23, 2018

  When everything I touch falls apart, I know it’s time for a pedicure at the spa.  After the Little White Riding Hood debacle and taking the sock apart I have been knitting three times, I knew it was time.

Little White Riding Hood

January 20, 2018

I don’t know how this happened.  My little red hiding hood is white on a red background.  Somehow, I managed to cut out and sew together all those little pieces without realizing what I had done.  I even sewed it to Grandma’s house and the trees.  Did I forget to take my medication?  Or did I take too much?  I know I wasn’t high.  I can’t do that anymore.  Now, you may think, “Why not make it over again?”  No way!  It’s staying that way.  I am not cutting out all those fiddly little pieces and sewing them together again!

My New Favorite Scarf

January 19, 2018

I’ve been putting this scarf  to good use.  The pattern called for fingering weight yarn, but I used two and three strands of lace weight to get the colors I wanted.  I can put it over my head and wrap it around my neck twice and I’m good to go.

Watching Eagles

January 18, 2018

As I was reading my email this morning, a shadow came across my window.

  Here he is, looking right at me.

  Birds of prey know they’re cool.