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Pink Purple Socks

January 23, 2018

  I thought that the third time was the charm.  Well.  It’s not.  My daughter picked this sock blank when we were at MD Sheep & Wool last May.  I have tried three different patterns and didn’t like any of them.  I finally decided to wind the yarn into a ball and try again.  This time I managed to knit a whole sock and I’m starting on the second.  The pattern is fairly simple with a few mock cables.  I love the way the colors change.  I was going to take a picture, but I think I will wait until they are washed and blocked.


Christmas is Over

May 19, 2017

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  Christmas.  I don’t know which I enjoy more.

On Thursday, I took two classes with Lily Chin.  What did I learn?  I’m still wondering.  I took her class on the advise of a friend.  I found her to be quite unprofessional.  I think she thought she was being “cute”.  Even though she was reminded several times by students that there was a child in class, she continued to speak inappropriately.  I kept thinking, “I came two days early for this?”

Franklin Habit was a completely different story.  He was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.  I learned something new.  I got some great ideas.  It was over long before I wanted. That evening I made a swatch of the chart I made and I really like it.  And, now, I can’t find it.

The afternoon class was on garters and I-cord.  That one caused me to look at things differently.  It was so nice to really learn something.  He also discussed some pocket applications. I hope he comes back.

After class, I walked down to the main  hall.  I needed some DK yarn and Shelridge always has a wide range of colors.  I’ve bought yarn from them several times and never been disappointed.

  I realize that these look bland for me, but I have some animals to make.

I also visited my favorite broche person, Liz Printz.  One of mine needed some work and she was happy to comply.

  And I just had to buy a new one.

Getting Ready for MD Sheep & Wool

April 27, 2017

I’m taking two classes each on Thursday and Saturday with Lily Chin and Franklin Habit respectively.  It should be interesting and, hopefully, fun.  I believe that I should never stop learning. Otherwise, I might as well curl up into a ball and vegetate.  I have done my homework and gotten all my supplies together.  I needed several balls of worsted weight in solid or semi-solid colors, mainly light.  It wasn’t easy.  I like to work with finer yarns.  Currently, I making a sweater using lace weight.

I also made a list of the DK yarn I need to get from Shellridge Farm.  They have great yarn.  I few years ago, they moved their booth.  I almost fainted.+

Getting Ready for Sheep & Wool

April 28, 2014

I always seem to pack the wrong things.  This year it’s worse.  This year I have three days of workshops, two days of festival and one girls day out.  To make matters worse,  accu-weather shows temps going from 52 to 79.  So now I have even more clothes to pack.  I have clothes there, but they are not something I want to wear in public.

I got out three little tote bags, one for each workshop.  I just have to remember to pick up the right one each morning.  Maybe I’ll leave them all in my car.  I  also have a big tote bag for shopping.  I made a list so I wouldn’t forget the important stuff.

When I get to my son’s, I have to go to the market for lunches.  They have tuna, chicken and shrimp salad.  I’m taking lettuce, bread and oranges.  My son makes great iced tea, so I’ll grab a bottle of that each morning.  Along with coffee, of course.

I was hoping to get my toe socks finished, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now.  I will be working on what I learned that day in the evenings.  Also, my son likes me to go shopping with him for some reason.

babies 006

Spring At Last!

February 24, 2014

Yea.  I know.  It’s not even March yet.  How can it be Spring?  Simple.  Yesterday, at 3:07PM, I signed up for classes at MD Sheep & Wool.  To me, that means that Spring is right around the corner.  Sooooo.  Today is the first day of Spring.  And I don’t care that it’s twenty degrees colder today than it was yesterday.  Or, that it’s supposed to snow Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’m taking three day long classes with one of my favorite designers, Beth Brown-Reisel.  I’m so happy!  Smiley face!

The sign-up time was 2PM, but I kind of forgot until 2:30.  I decided to use my new-to-me laptop.  When I finally found the website, I didn’t see any place to go to on-line application.  Did I panic?  Well, of course.  My first thought was that everything was already filled.  NOooo.  Fortunately, I said to myself, that can’t be right.  I walked off, then came back.  And there was the application icon.  Happy.  Joy.  It was 3:04.  Interesting.  When I finished, the time on the application website said 3:07 and the time on MDS&W said 2:07.  I assume the company is in another time zone.  Or maybe, the one who was supposed to push the button at 2PM fell asleep.