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I’m Busy

November 30, 2015

It amazes how quickly the days pass when you’re busy.   I was in a rut and I needed, wanted to get out.  The past few months were fairly disastrous  for me.  I was better, but I needed more.  So I asked my rheumatologist if I could get physical therapy.  So now I am off to PT three times a week for six weeks.  I am starting to feel better and I even exercise on my off days.

I couldn’t believe all the work I accomplished today which included baking anise cookies.  My house smell wonderful!

rolls, maureen gloves 010

I finally finished my raincoat.

yarn raincoat 023

These gloves are finished.  I need to take a final picture.

yarn raincoat 009

I got out my crèche.  It’s ready for the birth.

yarn raincoat 016

Here’s the gloves I made for a friend of mine.  There are three because she will still have two to wear when she gets a hole.  She needs them for her job.

rolls, maureen gloves 008

I made Sweetums some rolls for breakfast.

rolls, maureen gloves 002

Next project: a draft dodger for my daughter’s side door.

See you Soon.