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New Sweater

October 31, 2020
That’s me

I asked Sweetums to take a picture of my sweater. I showed him how to use the zoom, but was all I could get from him. And I thought I was lousy. As you can see, I’m wearing my good shoes.

The pattern is from a Noro magazine. The yard is a DK fade from Hedgehog Fibers. The yarn called for in the pattern was worsted, but I wanted a lighter sweater. I had to change some numbers and needle size to get the right size. I had to make a few gauge swatches. Yes, I swatch! I think it was worth it. It fits perfectly. That’s Don checking my hand for food.

She Had to Go Out!

October 30, 2020
Maggie Pi

It was raining hard. She cried to go out. She has a biggest mouth of any cat I have ever had. So I let her out. She just sat there. After a few minutes, the wind changed and she was blown off her perch. She screamed to come in. And it was all my fault.

Warm Weather Socks

October 26, 2020
Noro Taiyo

I’ve been working on these since June. There’re not the only thing. I knit four others at the same time. Socks are something to carry when I sit and wait. That way I don’t bite anyone. The pattern is from a kit. I made other socks with the yarn in it. I’ve knit five pairs of sox with Taiyo. I make them a little big since they shrink a bit.

Cold and Rain

October 25, 2020
A good time for ‘Hide and Seek’
Or nap on the sofa
There’s always sewing
Or not

Blue Skies, Dead Leaves

October 24, 2020

It’s starting to feel like Autumn. The sun no longer hits the deck in the afternoon. My lovely aqua umbrella has been put away until Spring. With the cooler weather and frenzied neighbors, there are very few days that I want to sit out there anyway. The dreaded Winter is coming.


These are in a low spot in my side yard. They pop up just about every year. I should look them up. They cover a large area and are quite pretty. The flowers may be dying, but I still have mushrooms to look at.