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Blue Skies, Dead Leaves

October 24, 2020

It’s starting to feel like Autumn. The sun no longer hits the deck in the afternoon. My lovely aqua umbrella has been put away until Spring. With the cooler weather and frenzied neighbors, there are very few days that I want to sit out there anyway. The dreaded Winter is coming.


These are in a low spot in my side yard. They pop up just about every year. I should look them up. They cover a large area and are quite pretty. The flowers may be dying, but I still have mushrooms to look at.

Watching Mushrooms

June 16, 2012

Almost as much fun as watching turtles.

The Delmarva peninsula is one big pile of sand so it’s possible to watch them pop up.

Swing Swagger Drape

October 7, 2009

This is a great book.  I spent so much time going through it that I had to rewarm my coffee twice.  I love the way each pattern shows several variations.  I really enjoyed the Process and Practice section.   I seldom see so much information in one book.  I believe I could happily make everything in it.

100609 001My yard is turning into a mushroom farm.   Every year I get the most interesting looking mushrooms here.

I’ve got to get back t my socks.  I’m about halfway through the second one.