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Good-bye Suzette

December 29, 2011

Look at that smile!

I’ll really miss it.

I like to imagine her and her buddy, Colette, having fun together again. 

Waiting for Santa

December 23, 2011


Vests for Christmas

December 22, 2011

Sometimes, It takes a while for me to decide on what to make.  For my son’s girlfriend, it was easy.  Last summer, I came across a vest and hat kit that I had bought at a flea market at least ten years ago.  I bought it because it was cheap and had high quality yarn.  I wasn’t planning on making the vest.  I just had to have the yarn.  Then along comes little Sarah.  So I dug out the kit and made it.  I didn’t change a thing–which is good because I ran out of one of the yarns in the hat.  If I had made it in a larger size, I would have been very unhappy.  The directions said that the kit contained enough yarn for all sizes.  The yarn was listed and everything was there.  And I had leftovers from the other yarns.

Next was my daughter.  Since her tastes are different from mine, it is best to present her with several ideas and see which ones cause her to light up.  We came up with two, so I am making the one that I like the best.  And, I must say, I am enjoying making it.  The only problem being, I won’t get it finished in time.  Fortunately, I know that she won’t mind.  I’ll make the other vest, too, and a lacy sweater that she liked.  They all have interesting patterns to keep me entertained. 

Goose Watching

December 20, 2011

The cards are in the mailbox.  The gifts are wrapped.  Time to relax.

Jayne Cobb Hat

December 17, 2011

I have been trying to come up with an interesting hat for my grandson.  I started making the Vortex.  Then I tried the Bloody Stupid Johnson.  Neither was right and I unknit both.  I looked at several others and rejected them all.  I pretty much gave up.  On Wednesday I took Gus to the vet.  Since I didn’t want to listen to him crying his eyeballs out the whole time, I put on a podcast.  And there was Susan Dolf talking about the Jayne hat.  Thank you, Susan.  When I got home, I looked up pictures and patterns, made some copies, and dug through my stash.  The next day, this is what I came up with.  If he likes it, I’ll get more appropriate yarn and make it again.  I hate to think what this hat would look like if it ever was washed.


Sheena Warrior Princess is NOT Happy

December 12, 2011

It was 24 degrees when I went out this morning.  Jeez.  Were my toes cold!  The Queen Mother offered to knit me a pretty pink sweater.  I told her, “Sheena Warrior Princess does NOT wear sweaters!”   Especially pretty pink ones.  What was she thinking? 

My cousin, Prince Sweet Baby Rue, says this weather is wonderful!  He can play outside all day without breaking a sweat.  Play?  He is so useless!  No wonder Mother had him fixed!

The Last Piece of Pie

December 10, 2011

A dozen carefully selected Stayman Winesaps, three perfect pies, twenty-four delicious pieces and this is what it all comes down to.  You will have to excuse now while I enjoy this last piece of perfection.

Like Father, Like Son

December 8, 2011

My daughter called Saturday.  Did I want to go Christmas shopping on Monday?  She had forgottened that she had claimed two days months ago.  I was thinking it was really that time again.  So Sunday I left for Reisterstown.  My son left shortly after I arrived.  He had made other plans.  He has wi-fi and high speed internet and I had my laptop so I was good. 

Monday, she came over,  we made our plans and took off.  At lunchtime, we checked our notes, updated our lists and headed out once more.  We got back around 5:30.  Our mission was accomplished.  We’ve been doing this for many years.  We both have young sons and husbands that drive us crazy.    A chore is turned into a joy.

I said good bye to my daughter and came inside to find my son looking in the bags.  He knew that I had been Christmas shopping and he just had to look.  Arghh!!  I tried to scold him, but it’s so hard when he is over a foot taller and smiling at me.  So I just hit him.  He makes me crazy.  And what did he want to do this evening?  Go shopping.  He always wants to go shopping when I come.  I think he doesn’t like to go by himself.  Does he do this when his girlfriends comes?  I would think he’d have other things on his mind.

When I got home, Sweetums helped me bring everything inside.  And what does he do as soon as he puts the box down?  I found him with his face in a big bag.  Arghh!!

Getting Rid of Christmas Decorations

December 3, 2011

It had to be done.  I had lights that hadn’t been used since 1998.  Yeah.  1998.  In 1999, four weeks before Christmas, I fell and dislocated my thumb.  I had this stupid cast on.  I could hardly knit, let alone put lights on the tree.  I was depressed as hell.  And, then, there is was.  My salvation.  An artificial tree with lights!  Alleluia!  There will be Christmas after all.   I bought that tree and never looked at real trees again.

So.  Where was I?  I filled an enormous box to overflowing with lights.  By the time we had gone through everything, the back of the van was full.  I was a little nervous at first.  Sweetums kept going back and forth on the lights.  He loves to decorate the outside.  He really does a good job.  When you cross the little bridge and look over the creek, you will see our deck all decked out.  Once again, I digress.  There are now a decent number of decorations about and the tree is once again overladen with ornaments.  It looks good.  I’m happy.

One more thing.  Last year, I could not find my singing snowmen.  Well I found them.  All five are set up on the counter.  Will Santa, aka my grandson,  bring me another this year?

 Wait!  Wait!  Where is my Minnie Mouse tree topper???