Vests for Christmas

Sometimes, It takes a while for me to decide on what to make.  For my son’s girlfriend, it was easy.  Last summer, I came across a vest and hat kit that I had bought at a flea market at least ten years ago.  I bought it because it was cheap and had high quality yarn.  I wasn’t planning on making the vest.  I just had to have the yarn.  Then along comes little Sarah.  So I dug out the kit and made it.  I didn’t change a thing–which is good because I ran out of one of the yarns in the hat.  If I had made it in a larger size, I would have been very unhappy.  The directions said that the kit contained enough yarn for all sizes.  The yarn was listed and everything was there.  And I had leftovers from the other yarns.

Next was my daughter.  Since her tastes are different from mine, it is best to present her with several ideas and see which ones cause her to light up.  We came up with two, so I am making the one that I like the best.  And, I must say, I am enjoying making it.  The only problem being, I won’t get it finished in time.  Fortunately, I know that she won’t mind.  I’ll make the other vest, too, and a lacy sweater that she liked.  They all have interesting patterns to keep me entertained. 

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