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The Throne

August 23, 2017

Here she is.  Queen Flo, aka Sheena Warrior Princess, looking down her nose at me.  I tell her she is just  common brown tabby, but she refuses to listen.  She has been this way ever since I made her own wool hand knit pad.  She knows she is special.  No other cat has ever sat on it.  She will not allow it.  (And I have the rest of the island to myself.  I didn’t think it would work so well!)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

August 14, 2017

My Splendid Sampler is finally finished!  I am so sick of it.  Sweetums says it’s perfect.  Flo, aka Sheena Warrior Princess, has already christened it with a hairball.  Oh well.  Since I still have about three dozen squares, I’m making covers for the bureaus and night stands.  Too tacky?  But, really, I finally feel like blogging again.  I no longer have the constant feeling that I will never finish it.


Cat Blankets

February 21, 2014

I had no idea that I had so many!

022114 011  Olive loves the entrelac baby blanket.

022114 009  Sweet Baby Rue with his old shale blankie.  He likes to make dough on it and purr.

022114 008  Flo is a bit greedy and commandeers two of my favorite sweaters.

021814 007  And here is Sheena Warrior Princess upon her wool hat throne.

Sheena Warrior Princess is NOT Happy

December 12, 2011

It was 24 degrees when I went out this morning.  Jeez.  Were my toes cold!  The Queen Mother offered to knit me a pretty pink sweater.  I told her, “Sheena Warrior Princess does NOT wear sweaters!”   Especially pretty pink ones.  What was she thinking? 

My cousin, Prince Sweet Baby Rue, says this weather is wonderful!  He can play outside all day without breaking a sweat.  Play?  He is so useless!  No wonder Mother had him fixed!