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Cat in a Box

February 22, 2018

  It’s Ruth, our hell raiser.  I told her I was going to seal her in and mail her to Tasmania.  Sweet Baby Rue and Flo actually snickered.  This is the look I got.

I redid Babar last night.  I’m much happier with it.

Still Raining

April 25, 2017

Even though it was raining, Sweet Baby Rue had to check on the geese.  I didn’t think there was that much room in our little pump house.

At least he had enough sense to seek shelter.

I found backing for my Splendid Sampler.  The print is 104″ by 88″ and my quilt is 106.5 by 106.5 so I had to get the orange to add a border.

It was time for my machine to have a check-up.  It was getting a little laud.  Time to get out my embroidery machine and make a label.

The goose babies hatched early this year.  The warm winter was probably the cause. I don’t think I will ever tire watching them.

On the knitting front, I decided to try this mitten kit.  I liked not having to weave all the ends.  I didn’t like having to constantly watch where the colors changed and trying to adjust my tension.  They are knit on size 2 and I would have preferred size 0 or even 00 with this yarn.  My daughter said the little kids on her bus will get a kick out of them, so she was happy.  Isn’t it all that  really matters.  I also bought a sock kit that will quite different when finished.  There is no way that I am going to use size 2 needles for socks.

So….It Snowed

January 8, 2017

dscf1421And what does that mean?


No walks for Don.  All he got was a short trip out to the mailbox.  He had to ‘make do’ with the front yard.  He is not happy at all.  We tried to explain that we were old farts and could easily fall, but I don’t think he was listening.



I finished some blocks.  There are still many more waiting.


Sweet Baby Rue had the best solution.

Time for a New Raincoat

August 24, 2015

My old one went ‘somewhere’ when we moved.  I thought, I really don’t need one anymore.  Then, last week, while getting my hair done, the rain came down in buckets.  Even though I was parked right outside the door, I didn’t want to chance it.  A hooded raincoat would have been nice.  My favorite quilt shop was having a sale.  I bought Amy Butler’s raincoat pattern, but I didn’t like any of their laminated fabric.  I started looking elsewhere.  I had no idea there were so many.  I spent about two hours looking yesterday and another hour today and I still haven’t made up my mind.  You know it can’t be ordinary.  Totally bizarre is probably my best bet—less likely to get run over.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I think I’ll go knit.

cardi 003  Out on the deck, of course.

A Happy Boy

July 24, 2015

Last evening, we shut off the air conditioning and opened windows.  I love real air and I slept very well.  The humidity has remained low so we’ve enjoyed 24 hours of fresh air.  Sweet Baby Rue spent the night out.  He loves the cool breezes on his fur.  And what did he do all day?  He got to sleep all day on the porch.  He was a happy boy.

baby sock 002

There’s High Tide

October 4, 2014

baby and high tide 004

Then there’s really high tide.

baby and high tide 027

Even Sweet Baby Rue had to have a look.

baby and high tide 016


Cat Blankets

February 21, 2014

I had no idea that I had so many!

022114 011  Olive loves the entrelac baby blanket.

022114 009  Sweet Baby Rue with his old shale blankie.  He likes to make dough on it and purr.

022114 008  Flo is a bit greedy and commandeers two of my favorite sweaters.

021814 007  And here is Sheena Warrior Princess upon her wool hat throne.

I Was Away. Did You Miss Me?

April 3, 2013

P1050365  Huh?

P1050386  ZZZZZ.

P1050387  Of course, I missed you!  What was your name again?

It’s All My Fault

October 30, 2012

Ever since I was a little girl, I hoped for a hurricane named Sandy.  Well, Sandra would have been even better.  You can’t have everything.  I just never thought it would happen.  It’s so far down in the alphabet. 

I was wondering what this lump was in the middle of the creek, then I realized it was my sprinkler pump.

See  that sign on the right?  Are you interested in waterfront property?

Here’s Sweet Baby Rue watching the geese.

They were having so much fun, he thought he’d give it a try.  He changed his mind when his feet kept sinking into the muck.

I thought I should mention that these were taken at mid-tide.  Rue would be in several inches of water if he were there now.

A Bonnet for Betty

July 12, 2012

Well.  Not really.  She’s going to be a grandmother for the first time.  She is a nice person and she is my friend.

The pattern is from the new Jane Austen summer magazine.  On the first read through, I felt that some exclamations went too far and others just didn’t make sense.  I was happy that it had charts and I made good use of my stickies with the arrows on them. 

I liked the hem around the face, but I did it my way.  It took less time, used fewer needles, left no more ends to weave in, no waste yarn was needed and it looks perfect.  

I also liked the I-cord around the neck, but here again, I did it my way.  It was quicker and less fiddly and looks just as good.

I thought the drawstring idea was great.  I couldn’t find the little thingy I use to hold the end, so I used Sweetums instead.  Sometimes you just have to improvise.

I tried to get one of the cats to model, but the girls were having nothing to do with it.  I put it on Sweet Baby Rue while he was half asleep (his usual state). 

Since I couldn’t get a decent shot, I put it on the glass head.

One more thing.  You only need about 190 yards to make the bonnet.  The directions mention a 547 yard skein which I thought was outrageous amount.  If you bought the exact yarn mentioned, you would have a good 2/3 left.  I have noticed that a few other patterns have a lot more yardage in them then I would have thought necessary.